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Become a Programme Sponsor

This program is currently on hold and we are not accepting the applications until further notice.

The Internet Society is extending an opportunity for organisations to become sponsors of this important programme. As a sponsor of the Internet Society Fellowship to the IETF, your organisation can realise significant value, including:

  • Demonstrating your commitment to technical capacity building in less developed regions.
  • Showing your support for extending participation in the IETF to emerging and developing economies.
  • Creating an opportunity to build contacts with technologists and potential regional leaders who are highly knowledgeable about conditions in developing countries.

Benefit Package

  • Press release announcing your organisation as a Fellowship sponsor.
  • Prominent display of your organisation as a sponsor on the Internet Society Fellowship website.
  • Recognition in promotional and informational material the Internet Society develops about the Fellowship, including information for distribution at technical and policy events, such as the Internet Governance Forum.
  • Recognition as a Fellowship sponsor at each of this year’s IETF meetings.
  • Acknowledgement in this year’s IETF Journals (3 issues) of your organisation as a Fellowship sponsor.
  • An opportunity to put together an information/corporate gift pack that will be delivered to each participating Fellow at this year’s IETF meetings.
  • An opportunity to attend and meet with Fellowship recipients at the ISOC Fellowship Welcome Dinner that takes place at each IETF meeting.

“Supporting the positive growth of the Internet is a major task of the IETF. And ensuring that the IETF has participants with a rich, diverse set of skills to enable that growth is the goal of the Internet Society Fellowship. I’ve seen many technologists from across the international community benefit personally from being Fellows, then going on to become Fellowship mentors. And as a corporate sponsor of the Fellowship via my company, Afilias, I know that being part of a global team working on common goals can offer a significant career boost.”

— Dr. James Galvin, Director, Strategic Relationships and Technical Standards, Afilias

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