Past IGF Ambassadors

Alejandro Acosta (Venezuela) is currently Technology Support Manager at British Telecom (BT). He is a member of LACNIC's Electoral Commission and President of LAC-TF (the IPv6 Task Force). He coordinates the annual meeting of the Latin American IPv6 Forum and moderates the Latin American IPv6 Task Force mailing list. He also is Professor of TCP/IP at the Nueva Esparta University,… Read more

Anupam Agrawal has a long involvement with the Indian Internet community. He is the founding chair of the ISOC India Kolkata Chapter and is leading a Special Interest Group on Data Insurance in Data Security Council of India Kolkata Chapter. The SIG is working on various aspects of Data Insurance like creation of models, discussing and coordinating with various regulatory… Read more

Andrés Azpúrua (Venezuela) is the Director/Co-Founder at Venezuela Inteligente, an organization that develops and facilitates technology tools for civic engagement. He completed his Diploma in Leadership and Public Policy at IESA, UCAB, Fundación Futuro Presente in Caracas, Venezuela. Andrés is an Internet Freedom Fellow with interests in the areas of human rights, access and diversity and IG4D (Internet Governance for… Read more

Nabil Benamar (Morocco) works as a Professor of Computer Science at the Moulay Ismail University. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Networks and a PhD in Computer Science from the Moulay Ismail University. Nabil has extensive experience in IPv6, DNS, security and privacy, open source culture, and networking.  Read more

Cecilia Bermudez (Venezuela) is currently studying systems engineering at the Universidad de los Andes (ULA) in Merida, Venezuela, where she is also a Teaching Assistant in the field of Computational Systems. Her topics of interest are access and diversity, critical Internet resources and security and privacy. Read more

Fawaz Bokhari (Pakistan) from Lahore is an Assistant Professor at the Punjab University College of Information Technology (P.U.C.I.T). His research interests include computer networks and distributed and cloud computing. Currently, he is working on designing efficient communication protocols (transport and network layer) for data centers. He also teaches an introductory level cloud computing course to graduate students. Read more

Nicolas Caballero (Paraguay) is the Vice President of Omnia S.A. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science at the Universidad Autónoma de Asunción, Paraguay, specializing in Networking and the Internet. He is currently the Paraguay representative to the ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC). Mr. Caballero is very interested in the areas of access and diversity, critical Internet… Read more

Oswaldo Cali (Venezuela) is a Lawyer specializing in human rights, and is currently an Officer of the Promotion, Defense and Public Action Program. His work is predominantly in the field of freedom of expression, and he carries out studies of legislation and policies in Venezuela and participates in related national and international campaigns. He graduated from the Universidad Metropolitana in… Read more

Raitme Citterio (Venezuela) is a computer engineer and graduate from UCLA - University Lisandro Alvarado. His specialty is management and development of knowledge and learning communities online.  As a consultant in the area of e-Learning, he works on issues of regional leadership and building capacity for the region. He is a member of the Royal Venezuela - Graduates of training… Read more

Natalia Enciso (Paraguay) is an Attorney-at-Law and a Professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Asunción (UAA). Her work is concentrated in the areas of online trust and identity, e-Commerce, e-Government, data protection, and mediation. Ms. Enciso is especially interested in human rights and exploring how proposed legislations such as SOPA, PIPA, and CISPA relate to censorship and freedom of expression. Read more

Teuku Geumpana (Indonesia) is presently employed by the BINUS International, School of Computer Science as a Program Coordinator. He holds a Bachelors of Information Technology from the International Islamic University of Malaysia. He was also awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to complete his Masters in Management Information Systems at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He is presently conducting academic… Read more

Argyro Karanasiou (Greece) is a Lecturer at Bournemouth University, and specializes in intellectual property in the digital economy, media law, IoT, privacy by design, and big data. She holds a LLB and a LLM in Public Policy & Politics from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, and a PhD in Law from the University of Leeds. Argyro is currently involved… Read more

Sarah Kiden (Uganda) is currently a Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow hosted by Research ICT Africa in Cape Town, South Africa. She is working on an Internet measurements project, focusing on broadband performance, and Internet peering and users' behaviour in some countries in Africa. Sarah possesses a technical background in networks and systems administration through her previous employment as Head of… Read more

Mwendwa Kivuva (Kenya) is a Policy Fellow at Google, and also volunteers his time working on policy formulation for ICANN and AFRINIC. He previously worked as the Senior Network Administrator at the University of Nairobi where he oversaw a project to transition the IP addressing schema for an 18-campus WAN network from IPv4 to IPv6. Mwendwa holds a BSc in… Read more

May-Ann Lim (Singapore) currently works as the Research Director at TRPC. Her career has spanned a number of regional and global institutions, including the World Bank, the Singapore Institute of International Affairs, and the Singapore Internet Project. Her interests include telecommunication networks and ICT policy, new media and communications, technology developments and applications, mobile platforms, disaster relief and development work… Read more

Sheba Mohammid (Trinidad & Tobago) is a multidisciplinary Internet professional with a background that includes experience working in digital inclusion, ICT policy and strategy, sustainable development, Internet governance, e-Learning and behavioral science of cyberspace. She is a Commonwealth Fellow and an African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Fellow to the IGF. Sheba is currently the Director of Policy and Implementation at… Read more

Sergey Ovcharenko (Russian Federation) is a Trainee Researcher at the Joint Supercomputer Center of the Russian Academy of Science. He is also the Director for .SU Domain Development at the Foundation for Internet Development in Moscow. He holds a BSc in Applied Physics and Mathematics and an MSc in Mathematical and Information Technology from the Moscow Institute of Physics and… Read more

Dr. Roxana Radu is the Chair of Internet Society - Switzerland since 2016. In this capacity, she leads the engagement of the chapter on Internet-related policy developments at the national level. Roxana has worked on Internet governance and digital policy for over 7 years and has been awarded the Swiss Network for International Studies Award 2017 (SNIS) for her PhD… Read more

Cintra Sooknanan is Chair of the Trinidad & Tobago chapter of the Internet Society, as well as their attorney. She has been working for ICT non-profits in the country for the last ten years, and is involved with ICANN's At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) which is responsible for considering and providing advice on the activities of the ICANN, as they relate… Read more

Filiz Yilmaz (Turkey) is an Internet Governance & Policy Consultant. She has extensive work experience in the Internet industry in roles specific to resource management, policy, engagement, participation and strategic communications. She is the former Senior Director of Participation and Engagement at ICANN, and is currently the Programme Committee Chair at RIPE NCC. She is also a Founding Member of… Read more