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Next Generation Leaders (NGL) Programme

The success of the Internet is not an accident. And we cannot take its future for granted. That is why the Internet Society invests in the Next Generation of Internet leaders.

The Internet Society’s Next Generation Leaders (NGL) programme helps Internet professionals between the ages of *20 and 40 develop their leadership potential where technology, business, policy, and education intersect. Check out our NGL Profile series to learn about our NGL Leaders and their work.
NGL participants gain a unique opportunity to advance their professional growth and build the experience and confidence they need to drive development in their own local communities and the larger Internet ecosystem.
NGL blends coursework and practical experience to help prepare young professionals from around the world to become the next generation of Internet technology, policy, and business leaders. Check out what our NGL participants have to say about the programmes!

The NGL curriculum

The NGL curriculum is made up of academic and field-based components. Each component can be completed separately, or in any combination, depending on your own skills and interests.
What you’ll study:

Who can benefit from the NGL programme?

If you are a young Internet professional aged between *20-40; seeking to develop a career in Internet technology, policy, and business; and you are committed to the Internet Society Mission, then the NGL programme can help you:
  • accelerate your training in diplomatic skills,
  • master the drivers of Internet-based innovation and growth, and
  • experience the technical development of the Internet.
NGL participants come from academia, the public sector, industry, and civil society, from all over the world.
To enter the programme and progress through the curriculum you will need to demonstrate leadership skills and community building potential.
The NGL programme emphasizes network building, community engagement, and knowledge sharing.
(*Note: the age restriction does not apply to Internet Society Fellowships to the IETF)

How to apply for the NGL programme

  • The NGL programme is available to Internet Society members only.
  • Each NGL programme component has its own application process and specific selection criteria, so please follow the links above for the components that interest you.
  • You are also welcome to join the NGL Candidates mailing list, to receive updates of any new developments in the NGL programme, including details of each application process as they open.
More information
For any other information, please contact [email protected].
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