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The group of Internet enthusiasts didn’t know their work was the start of a global movement. They gathered in Canada, coming together from all backgrounds, committed to making IoT – and the Internet itself – trusted for everyone. Today people are gathering in all corners of the world to help keep us secure online. They’re showing the world that good things happen on the Internet when we work together.
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It was winter in Tusheti, Georgia when the tree fell on the villager. The region, on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus, was isolated, reachable only by helicopter. Like half the word, it lacked Internet access. To get help, the man had to walk for three days with an injured back through waist-deep snow. Now passionate and innovative people have helped connect this remote community.

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Many things can disrupt the Internet. But most days it’s business as usual. No headlines about widespread outages. No picking up the pieces after a hacking incident. People are getting work done, sharing with loved ones, and connecting to life-changing opportunities – thanks to the everyday heroes making the Internet more secure.
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In the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu, a diverse group of people from all over Asia-Pacific gathered in a conference room, ready to tackle some of the biggest challenges threatening the open and globally-connected Internet. The meeting was months in the making, fueled by the principle that everyone should have a say in the Internet’s future. It’s just one of many of its kind held throughout the world.

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