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Be Part of The Solution

At the Internet Society, we believe the Internet has made the world a better place. As an Internet Society member, your organisation can make a real difference by supporting and contributing to the evolution of the Internet as an open, decentralised platform for innovation, creativity, and economic opportunity. 

The Internet Society values the support, participation and direction of its Organisation Members. Your membership enables the Internet Society to expand its global activities and initiatives in standards development, capacity building, education, and public policy. 

Become an Organisation Member of the Internet Society and have a say in the future of the Internet. 

How your organisation can help us

Your membership of the Internet Society helps us achieve our goal of a free and open Internet for all, as well as giving your organisation a number of benefits.

Education and training

Your membership supports our education and training efforts around the world, enabling more people take advantage of the economic and social benefits of the Internet.

Spreading the word

Join us in helping governments and private entities to understand the effects of communication technology on society.

Developing standards and protocols

As a global technology-based organisation, we’re helping to lead the development of Internet standards and protocols, and your organisation can be a part of that.

Making a difference

Your support helps us run a number of programmes on the ground in developing countries, making a difference to the evolution of the Internet and the lives of people around the world.

How we can help your organisation

When you become an Organisation Member of the Internet Society, you get more than just the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making a difference. We’ll support you, too, and your organisation will enjoy significant benefits and opportunities, including:


Through frequent Member Briefings and other publications, we’ll keep you informed on Internet policy, technical, and development issues that impact your business and the market at large.


You’ll have the opportunity to work with us to address the critical issues impacting the general welfare and effectiveness of the global Internet.

Competitive advantage

We’ll help you stay ahead of new technology trends to assist you in growing your business.


Your membership enables you to expand your global network of contacts with respected industry leaders, top-level policy makers, scientists, and engineers, and to establish new partnerships and opportunities.

All new Organisation Members are announced on the Internet Society website, so you’ll also enjoy valuable exposure for your business.

Who’s already on board?

As an Organisation Member of the Internet Society, you’ll join over 150 companies, foundations, educational institutions, government agencies and other international groups that support our essential work. Cisco, Google, Ericsson, ICANN, 21st Century Fox, Adobe and Microsoft are just a few of the organisations and corporations who already have Organisation Membership of the Internet Society. 

How to join

Become an Organisation Member of the Internet Society today by filling in the online application form and choosing your desired membership level from the following options:

Platinum Contributor

$100,000 Annually

Gold Member

 $50,000 Annually

Silver Member

$25,000 Annually

Bronze Member

$10,000 Annually

Professional Member

$5,000 Annually

Any questions?

If you are a non-profit organisation interested in becoming a member or have any questions about joining the Internet Society as an organisation, please contact us at