Global Encryption Day

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The inaugural Global Encryption Day took place on 21 October 2021.

Global Encryption Day was an opportunity for businesses, civil society organizations, technologists, and millions of Internet users worldwide to show their communities why encryption matters to all of us.

End-to-end encryption keeps people, their information, and their communications private and secure. It underpins online trust, protects members of vulnerable communities, and safeguards the data of governments, businesses, and everyday citizens from criminals and hostile governments. But in some parts of the world, encryption is under threat

Global Encryption Day helped us all to tell governments around the world that protecting and strengthening encryption is crucial to making the Internet safer for everyone.

On Global Encryption Day:

Find out more about what happened on Global Encryption Day and how you can continue to support the Internet Society’s and the Global Encryption Coalition’s (GEC) advocacy efforts.

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Date and Time

Thursday 21 October 2021



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