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Fund your idea: Beyond the Net - Information Session

Los Nevados - Venezuela Chapterton winner

Got a great idea to empower your community? You can make the change.

Get inspired by one of our success stories. Learn how the Internet changed people's lives in Los Nevados, a town located 2,710 meters above sea level. 

All our programmes focus on projects from the Chapter Community. They fund innovative, sustainable and replicable  projects up to $ 20.000 USD. We support bright ideas that work in partnership with local organisations to empower people around the world. 

Want to learn more about the diffrent programmes, clarify any doubts or just curious about the different funding opportunities?

Next Information Session date to be provided soon. In the the meanwhile you can review our existing materials.

Documents and recordings from session held on 7 February

This has been the best PM presentation I have ever attended, clear, short and simple!  Congratulations!!!” - comments from a participant.

Documents et enregistrements de la séance en français tenue le 21 février.

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