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A Breakfast Gathering of DNSSEC Advocates At IETF 89

DNSSEC Advocates

One of the great joys of working within the DNSSEC community is the truly outstanding and passionate people that are all focused on how we can make the Internet more secure and trustworthy. Last week at IETF 89 in London a few of us who were there were able to meet for breakfast on Friday morning Read more…

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Deploy360@IETF89, Day 5: dnsop, uta


It’s our last day here at the 89th IETF meeting and it’s been a very exhausting but exhilirating meeting so far!  A lot of excellent work happening in so many areas! Our final day here ends with a number of DNSSEC-related topics being presented in the DNSOP Working Group – while at the exact same time is the first Read more…

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Deploy360@IETF89, Day 4: dane, sunset4, v6ops, 6tisch, idr, dbound, eppext, sipcore and dnsop


The fourth day for our Deploy360 team at the 89th IETF meeting could perhaps best be described as “utter madness” as there are multiple working groups meeting on ALL of the topics we cover here:  IPv6, DNSSEC, securing BGP and even our new TLS for Applications area. In particular, several of the major DNS groups are holding Read more…

Deploy360@IETF89, Day 3: v6ops, trans, 6lo


Today at the 89th IETF meeting we’re talking a good bit about IPv6.  The day starts with the first session of the IPv6 Operations Working Group (v6ops) that today will be looking at a number of documents about the impact of Neighbor Discovery multicasting on WiFi networks and exploring what can be done to provide operational guidance Read more…

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Deploy360@IETF89, Day 2: homenet, sidr, grow, dnse, 6man


Day 2 for the Deploy360 team here at the 89th IETF meeting is a big day for routing and for IPv6. Two of the main routing groups, SIDR and GROW, meet today, and our colleague Andrei Robachevsky recently wrote about the important work happening in both groups to make the Internet’s routing infrastructure more secure. Two Read more…

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Deploy360@IETF89, Day 1: dnssd, sipcore, technical plenary


Our first day here at the 89th IETF meeting for the Deploy360 team starts off with a lighter schedule… which is okay because later in the week we are double- or triple-booked in some session timeslots! Today the main DNSSEC / DANE session is one that I actually did NOT write about in my “Rough Read more…

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Meet The Deploy360 Team At IETF 89 Next Week

DO Team 2013

Will you be at IETF 89 next week in London?  If so, please feel free to say hello to one of our team members there.  We’ll all be there: myself (Dan York), Chris Grundemann, Megan Kruse and Jan Žorž. You can expect to find at least one of us in any of the sessions that Read more…

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8 Sessions About DNSSEC / DANE / DNS At IETF 89 Next Week


Wow! IETF 89 next week in London is going to be an extremely busy week for those of us interested in DNSSEC, DANE  and DNS security in general. As I explained in a post today, “Rough Guide to IETF 89: DNSSEC, DANE and DNS Security“, there are 5 new working groups and BOFs related to DNS and DNSSEC Read more…

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6 Sessions About IPv6 At IETF 89 Next Week In London


As you might expect, IETF 89 next week in London will be filled with activity related to IPv6.  My colleague Phil Roberts writes today in “Rough Guide to IETF 89: All About IPv6“: While the standard for IPv6 has long-since been finished, there are ongoing discussions in the IETF of maintenance issues in the protocols, Read more…

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3 Sessions About Securing BGP At IETF89 Next Week


Next week at IETF 89 in London there will be a good bit of discussion around the security and resilience of the Internet’s routing infrastructure.  Given our interest in securing BGP, members of our team will be attending the SIDR, GROW and IDR Working Groups next week and engaging in other routing discussions as well. Read more…

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