Date: 2002.04.08
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excom-02-003
Maintainer: Minutes taken by Christian Huitema.
Access: Unconfirmed

Attendees: Brian Carpenter, Rosa Delgado, Latif Ladid, Kees Neggers, Lynn St.Amour, Mike Conn, Robert Vaughan

Unavailable: Christian Huitema

The call opened with a series of brief operational reports from the President:

  • INET 2002 sponsorship – To date $110K of the $300K target has been committed. There are many potential sponsors still undecided, and we should come close to the target by conference time. Lynn expects conference registrations to make up any shortfall in sponsor funding.
  • INET 2001 – Negotiations continue. While there has been progress, a final settlement is still thought to be months away.
  • ELECTION – Lynn reported that we are currently short on organization candidates, but expected more candidates to be identified shortly. She also expressed concern about the timetable for Board appointed candidates. At a minimum she wanted an appointed BoT member for fundraising by the June BoT meeting. The ExComm said that they would like more information about the candidates being proposed, and Lynn committed to work this issue with Christine. Lynn was also asked to report to the Board on suggested procedures for future BoT appointees.
  • BOT PREPARATIONS – ExComm agreed that the time schedule for the old and the new Board should be reversed this year. Legal counsel has advised ISOC that most associations adopt this practice. There was a discussion on the need for the candidates for BoT Chair to declare their intentions in advance of the Board meeting, and for the voting procedures to be defined. The ExComm reviewed the proposed agenda submitted by Lynn, and there was general agreement to adopt that agenda. Lynn was asked to draft a new clarifying membership resolution to replace resolution 01-24 and the 1997 resolution of membership as part of the upcoming Board meeting.

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Meeting (08 April 2002)