Date: 2002.06.04
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excom-02-005
Maintainer: Minutes taken by Christian Huitema.
Access: Unconfirmed

Brian Carpenter
Rosa Delgado
Latif Ladid
Kees Neggers
Lynn St.Amour
Mike Conn
David Maher
Christian Huitema
Lynn DuVal
Alan Greenberg

Alan Greenberg attended the first part of the call, during which he presented the report of the election committee. Latif Ladid only attended the second part of the call, i.e. did not attend the discussion of the election reports. Rosa Delgado did not attend the last minutes of the call, during which the preparation of the .Org proposal was mentioned.”

The executive committee reviewed the report by the chair of the election committees. We discussed the ongoing challenges and reviewed possible actions.

Review of audited financial statement
Lynn DuVal confirms that we have received the final copy of the audited report, which incorporates the final settlement with Exponova. She received an electronic copy and 10 bound copies. She will send a copy to Mike and to each member of the audit committee.

2002 financial update
Financial reports for January, February and March will be available in the next days, April before end the week. The cash flow prediction shows a tense situation during the summer. There is a tension between the seasonal nature of our revenues and the schedule of payments due to ISI for the RFC editor contract; the president will negotiate an arrangement with ISI.

The year-end forecast is affected by the loss of a platinum member, and the termination of our contract with Thinkquest. We may end up with only a lower than predicted surplus.

INET 2002
We finally met our sponsorship goal, but this required an extremely intensive involvement from the staff.

Planning INET 2003
The president will set up a task force that reviews the format of the conference. Lynn will send a note to the executive committee detailing the proposed task force agenda and the proposed list of members.

Clarification of the individual membership issue
The board motion on individual membership was approved.

Preparation of the next board meeting
The executive committee reviewed the agenda of the next board meeting, and reviewed five particular agenda items, the role of the executive committee, the handling of individual membership, elections, the Postel awards, and the .Org proposal.

Some members of the board have requested that exec committee meetings be open to all board members, in order to ensure better communication. This reflects some actual issues, such as late publishing of minutes, and also a tension between two roles of the current executive committee: formally, the committee is constituted to act as a substitute for the board in emergency situations; in practice, it mostly acts as an advisory to the president. It might be useful to formally separate these two roles. In fact, there is no record of the executive committee making “emergency decisions” on behalf of the board.

Jim Galvin will present an individual membership update to the board. This issue will be presented to the new board. The current board will have to validate the 2002 elections; the discussion of any new procedures will be conducted by the new board.

Lynn has asked the Postel committee to suggest the name of some people for recognition during the 10th anniversary session. Brian has suggested evolving this into an “Internet hall of fame.”

The work on the .Org proposal is progressing, with the help of an ad hoc committee led by David Maher.

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Meeting (04 June 2002)