Author: Geoff Huston
Date: 2000.7.28
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
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Status: Rev 2
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Meeting was called to order by ISOC Chair, Brian Carpenter at 8:30am ET USA, on the 28th July 2000.

Brian Carpenter
Geoff Huston
Kees Neggers
Rosa Delgardo
Don Heath
Lynn St Amour

1. Staffing
The Executive Committee was informed of the resignation of the Secretariat’s System Administrator. It was noted by the President that system administration functions will be outsourced.

2. ISOC Fund Raising Program
The Executive Committee reviewed the progress with the target of USD 100,000 in new funding for each Trustee, and discussed ways of supporting the Trustees’ efforts.

The Secretariat will provide a listing of contacts and status with each contact for the Trustees to ensure that there was no duplication of effort. The funding material will be reviewed by Lynn St Amour.

It was noted that the funding target applied to both Trustees in office and the Emeritus Trustees who stood down at the adjournment of the 2000 Annual General Meeting. The Secretary will contact Emeritus Trustees Gilmore and Pardos to engage their support for this program.

3. ISOC Directions
The Executive Committee reviewed the ISOC Directions plan, adopted in principle by the Board at the July meeting, noting the four major activity directions of Standards, Chapters and Individual Membership, Policy and Forums.

It was requested that a brief review of current ISOC activities be conducted, and each activity be assigned into one of these categories. It was also requested that a notional breakdown of the budget be undertaken along similar lines, including a breakdown of the G&A line item, to indicate to potential members how ISOC will allocate revenue to each of these activities. In a similar vein it was requested that the Vice-President positions also be aligned within the same functional blocks.

In a similar vein it was requested that the Vice-President positions also be aligned within the same functional blocks, recognizing that some VP positions cross several of the functional areas.

The Secretary was requested to draft a statement of ISOC’s value proposition in each of the four categories.

The Committee considered the status of the ISTF. The Chair will request the ISTF chair to prepare a document that clearly describes the relationship between the ISTF and ISOC, with a view to clearly defining the role of the ISTF and the scope of any activities or agreements that the ISTF may wish to enter into with other bodies.

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Meeting (29 July 2000)