Author(s): Mary Burger
Date: 1999.5.26
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: 99-04
Status: DRAFT
Maintainer: Mary Burger
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The meeting was called to order by Vint Cerf, Chair, at 8:00am, EDT USA

Vint Cerf
Don Heath
Lynn St. Amour
Kees Neggers
Susan Estrada
George Sadowsky
Javier Sola
Torryn Brazell
Craig Jelinek
Ole Jacobsen
Michael Goodman
Mary Burger

1. BUDGET (Financial, 99 Budget, cash flow)
Don Heath reported that the finances look good, and we did turn a profit in April. However, with a potential loss from INET’99 and the more aggressive position we are taking on new initiatives, strategic planning, and PR, we also need a lot more money. Thus, INET profitability is more important than ever and we need more sponsorships. The cash flow is reasonable. We are approaching the point at which INET will make the real difference. If INET breaks even, the status will be fine except that our increased need for cash tranlates to the need for more members.

Vint asked if there would be a membership campaign in place to announce at INET. Mike Goodman said that there needs to be agreement on the pricing model before plans can proceed as well as addressing the chapter issues. Vint said that there would need to be full Board concurrence on the pricing issues and the chapter issues. Several initiatives have begun which are designed to do the work of ISOC, involve members, and generate further interest to bring in more members. The strategic plan should be in reasonable form by INET’99 for the BoT to discuss and finalize.

3. INET’99
Torryn Brazell, Director of Conferences and Education reported that she and Craig Jelinek, local arrangements chair, met with the Freeman Company in San Jose for the final walk through. Freeman is a vendor with a large share of the INET’99 budget. It was determined that there will be scaling back of planned expenditures and changes in the budget will be made to reflect that.

When the revised budget is prepared Torryn will be able to determine the break even point. We are short of the 1000 room nights on one peak night (Wednesday or Thursday are considered the peak nights) which is a requirement for the McEnery Convention Center in order to not be charged additional facility use fees. All hotels have been released to book ISOC reserved rooms. This releases a partial liability for us, but the possibility of financial risks remains. Budget projections will ready by the first of June. Vint Cerf requested that the revised budget be sent to the full Board.

Registrations are currently just below 400. Free passes (which include registration information) for the exhibit hall have been prepared and are being distributed to the sponsors (a minimum of 500 to each) which may generate some one-day registrants. A large banner is being put up for 4 days prior to the conference near the light rail in San Jose. All Sustaining Gold members of ISOC have been notified that they each have 5 free registrations to INET.

22,000 INET inserts have been placed in Internet Week, aimed at the West Coast, the DC area and New England and directed at the corporate level. The San Jose Mercury News will be providing coverage and there will be a banner ad in this week. A mailing is in process to a list of approximately 13,000 names provided by American Show Management.

Javier Sola, Vice President for Conferences, said that INET is crucial for future conferences. It is more important to bring the people in than to bring the money in.

4. NTW’99
George Sadowksy, Vice President for Education, reported that funding for the Network Training Workshop continues to be a challenge. They have obtained the necessary PC’s, but it may be necessary to pay moderately expensive rental fees for them. Alan Greenberg had offered to ship some computers to San Jose which he is purchasing from McGill University, but this would also require shipping them back.

There are currently two problems with obtaining visas for two of the instructors from Mozambique and Nigeria. George is continuing to work with contacts from the State Department.

At present a deficit of $100,00 – $200,000 is anticipated in the operation of the Workshop.

5. INET 2000, NDSS, K-12 Workshop, INET 2001,02,03
Vint reported that while in Hong Kong recently, he met with representatives from Hong Hong who were very interested in participating in INET 2000. He suggested that they look to March/ April of next year to organize an Internet Fiesta. Javier said that NTT is expected to be a major sponsor for INET 2000. There are 3 branches of NTT, and the mobile phone division will likely be the branch most involved.

Ole Jacobsen, Vice President for Chapters, and Don Heath will be in Japan the week of 1 June for Networld and Interop and expect to be meeting with those who are coordinating the INET process in Japan.

Torryn reported that David Lassner, chair of the K-12 Workshop, has recommended that ISOC discontinue having this at INET. Nine years ago when we started, there was only one Internet educator’s workshop, today there are significant numbers of them. Don pointed out that the NDSS conference has turned into a good venture and perhaps the K-12 could be done in a similar manner. Torryn felt that there is a lot of potential for this type of activity.

Javier suggested that the request for proposals for INET 2001, 02, 03 be released now. Hong Kong has expressed an interest in submitting a proposal.

Don pointed out that there are many initiatives in which ISOC is involved that we should publicize. These initiatives will be at the core of our strategic plan. ISOC has been making significant efforts to communicate with the ISOC membership and chapters as well as outside entities in an attempt to fully understand the elements required in a plan to meet the goal of 100,000 individual members by 2000.

Michael Goodman estimates that he will need approximately 3 hours at the San Jose board meeting to cover the strategic plan, and he believes it will be in a reasonably complete form by then.

Lynn St. Amour, Executive Director of ISOC EMEA, explained how the Netherlands chapter operates. They recruit organizational members and then give a specified number of individual chapter memberships to the organization but those individuals are not ISOC members. Kees Neggers explained these individuals are not identified as the memberships are given to the organizational members.

Lynn reported on the Berlin Chapters meeting which had approximately 25 in attendance. There seemed to be a fair amount of interest in the free membership model. There was some discussion over the proposed increased dues structure and new levels. There will be a Strategic Plan email list for people who want to participate directly in the planning process.

There was interest in the proposed Chapters Advisory Council, but it was not discussed at great length in the Berlin meeting. Vint asked what the time frame was for this and Ole said the expect to announce it at INET. People need to be selected and a first meeting to be held. Not everyone will be at INET so procedures need to be available on the net.

Lynn said there has been discussion of officers, duties and responsibilities for the Chapters AC and there are plans to meet at INET to finalize the guidelines and procedures for the elections. There were suggestions by some in attendance at the meeting for the agenda of the chapters meeting in San Jose. The draft agenda will be circulated to Vint, Don, Lynn, Ole, Terry and Mike and after review will be sent to the chapter chairs.

Vint asked for clarification on the status of OnTheInternet as a print publication and/or an online publication. Don said that this has been put on hold until the end of the year. Early next year, we would consider an electronic format and the publication of two issues of the hard copy plus an annual report. This should be designated as a topic for discussion and decision at the Board meeting in July.

Susan raised the issue of the lack of a webmaster for ISOC at present. We should identify someone who can think about content as well as the strategic outlook. We need a means for being able to get things on the web easily and quickly. Is there a temporary solution?

There will be no Executive Committee conference call in June in lieu of the Board meeting being held in San Jose, 21-22 June.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 AM, Eastern Daylight time, US.

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Meeting (26 May 1999)