Date: 2011-08-22
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: Excomm-11-07
Status: Unconfirmed
Maintainer: Minutes taken by Scott Bradner.
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Eric Burger
Raul Echeberria
Eva Frolich
Philip Smith
Lynn St.Amour

Apologies were received from Jonathan Zittrain.

Also present:
Scott Bradner (Secretary)
Elizabeth Oluoch (ISOC staff)

The Executive Committee of the ISOC BoT met on Monday 22 August, 2011 from 7:01 AM to 7:45 AM US EDT by teleconference.

I. Opening Comments
Raul asked if anyone had any conflict of interest with any of the agenda items. No one indicated any conflicts. He also asked if anyone had any request to add to the agenda.

II. Approve the Minutes of the July 18 Exec-committee meeting as amended by Lynn.
The excom approved the draft minutes as amended.

III. Review September 19th ISOC Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda
The excom reviewed the proposed agenda for the upcoming Board call that was distributed on the excom list. The excom discussed possible future board topics and when they should be discussed throughout the year.

The excom also discussed the proposed agenda for the 19 September Board call and made some suggestions.

IV. Review Call for Candidates for 2012 PIR Board of Directors
Lynn noted that in the past the excom has acted as a nominations committee for positions on the PIR board and prepares a slate for approval by the full board.  She said that the call for nominations was prepared by ISOC staff for review by the excom and the PIR board. She then reviewed the terms of the current PIR board members.

The excom did not have any comments on the draft call for nominees.  Lynn said she would forward the call to the PIR board for their review.

The excom agreed that the excom should again act as the nominations committee for the PIR board selections.

V. 2011-2012 Executive Committee Meeting Schedule- R. Echeberria
The excom agreed to the excom committee call schedule as presented by the staff.

  • Dates & Times: 2011
    • Mon., Sept 12, 11:00-13:00 UTC**
    • Mon., Oct 17, 11:00-13:00 UTC
    • Mon., Nov 7, 21:00-23:00 UTC***
    • Mon., Dec 12, 21:00-23:00 UTC
  • Dates & Times: 2012
    • Mon., Jan 16, 21:00-23:00 UTC
    • Mon., Feb 6/13, 21:00-23:00 UTC
    • Mon., Mar 19, 21:00-23:00 UTC
    • Mon., Apr 16, 11:00-13:00 UTC
    • Mon., May 21 – tentative BoT Teleconference
    • Mon., June 18 – 11:00-13:00 UTC

Note: Alternative dates are suggested where ever conflicts were previously noted.
** Alternative date for the Sept 19 meeting (BoT teleconference)
*** Alternative date for the Nov 21 meeting (coincides with Internet Days Conf., Stockholm which impacts Lynn and Eva)

The excom discussed the requirement that the agendas for board meetings should be fixed as far as possible before the meetings and to have the materials distributed well in advance.

There was no other business.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 AM EDT.

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Meeting (22 August 2011)