Author(s): Geoff Huston
Date: 2000.10.2
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: 00-007
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Maintainer: G. Huston
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Meeting was called to order by ISOC President, Don Heath, at 8:15am ET USA, on the 2nd October 2000.

Brian Carpenter
Geoff Huston
Kees Neggers
Rosa Delgardo
Vint Cerf
Don Heath
Lynn St Amour
Bob Vaughan

1. Review of ISOC Finances
The Executive Committee discussed the appropriate way to present the Platinum income in terms of assignment of proportions of available programs funds and the level of deferred membership revenue that is attributable to the Platinum program.

In addition to the Platinum program income, it was noted that there is still an organizational objective to focus on fund raising to ensure that ISOC can continue to operate in a financially stable manner.

2. Platinum Program
The Executive Committee discussed the details of the Platinum program and considered the various approaches of a declared 25% membership portion and a 75% program support allocation and the approach of using a program support. The Committee also considered the ways on which this program could be marketed most effectively, and considered whether the labelling of this program as a class of Organizational Membership or as an ISOC Program Supporter was more appropriate for positioning this program within the overall ISOC structure.

The Committee requested comment from ISOC’s Auditor regarding the reporting if Platinum program income in terms of deferred revenue membership amounts and available program revenue before reaching a decision on this matter at the next meeting of the Committee.

3. INET’2001
It was noted that ISOC had appointed Trustee Barbara Fraser and Advisory Council member Osten Franberg as Conference Co-Chairs. Steve Cisler and Francois Fluckinger were appointed as Program Co-Chairs. The theme of the conference is to be “The Edge of the Net”. There will be no general call for papers, as the conference will use invited papers on pivotal themes.

The conference contract with ExpoNova is in the final stages of negotiation. The Committee was briefed on the current status of outstanding items in the contract. Some consideration was given to alternatives in the event that agreement could not be reached with the contract in a timely manner.

4. INET’2000
It was noted that the accounts for INET’2000 were being completed. Total revenue to ISOC as an outcome of this activity is estimated to be some USD 150,000.

The Committee considered the status of the ISTF with respect to fund raising and membership criteria. It was considered appropriate that ISTF can raise funds to support its activities. It was noted that this would not necessarily encompass corporate membership of the ISTF, but that corporate supporters of ISOC could undertake an association with the ISTF through a program similar to the Platinum program supporting ISOC’s role in Internet Standards activities. The President was requested to draft a note describing these arrangements. Such ISTF program funds were available for use to support the ISTF, managed by ISOC and expended at the direction of the ISTF chair.

It was noted that the ISTF Steering Group was being reconstituted and there was also consideration being given to the next chair of the ISTF.

6. President/CEO
Following the announcement of Don Heath’s intention to retire in March 2001, the Executive Committee approved the formation of a Subcommittee to manage the tasks associated with an executive search.

7. Operations Report
The Executive Director reported on two staff resignations and a temporary hiring. The net outcome of staff movements through 2000 was a net salary saving of some USD 60,000 for the year.

8. Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be held on October 30th, 2000, commencing 8:30am Eastern Time.

The following meeting is scheduled for November 21st, 2000.

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Meeting (02 October 2000)