Meeting (18 December 2006)

Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: -06-004
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Maintainer: Minutes taken by S. Bradner
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Fred Baker
Daniel Karrenberg
Desiree Miloshevic
Lynn St.Amour
Glenn Ricart
Scott Bradner

Franck Martin (connectivity problems)

The ISOC Excomm met from 9:08 am to 9:55 am (EST) December 18, 2006 via conference call.

Minutes taken by Scott Bradner.

0. Apologies, Agenda
No agenda changes.

1. Review board work plan
PIR Board appointments

Daniel said that he wanted to aim for approval of the process for the three upcoming PIR board appointments during the next ISOC BoT call and start the review of profiles. He asked Glenn to get input from the PIR board for these profiles.

Review items

Daniel reviewed his board work plan matrix and asked Lynn to review the status of the strategic proposals. Lynn said that the staff was well underway with their review. She also said that she and the staff were working with Erik Huizer and Steve Squires to produce a position paper for board discussion at the Jan board call.

Daniel said that the budgeting part of work plan matrix was straight forward and did not need discussion on this call. He did say that he expected to set the 2008 budget priorities at the March board meeting.

IAOC appointment (e-vote?)

Daniel said that he had asked Fred if he would be willing to be the ISOC IAOC appointment. Fred said that he would be willing to serve. Lynn said that there was an IAOC retreat coming up before the next board meeting.

Daniel said that he would send mail to the board in the morning with that proposal asking for an e-vote.

2. January Board meeting agenda
Daniel discussed the draft agenda for the Jan board meeting. The Excomm had no comments on the draft agenda. Daniel said that he was planning to set up a web page at ISOC for maintenance of the board work plan and agendas soon.

3. CEO briefing
Financials, staffing, major strategic

Lynn reported that they were in the final stage of appointing a Director of Communications. She also reported that the review of candidates for the CFO position was well advanced and that she expected an appointment in the next few weeks. Lynn described how she and the staff were reviewing candidates for the Latin American Bureau Manager and reported that a person would be selected very soon.

Lynn said that job descriptions for an additional chapters person and Director of Public Policy will be posted early in the new year.

Lynn said that the staff was aiming to get the materials for the board meeting distributed before Christmas. She said that she was working with Stephen and Erik on a document filling out the Internet 2020 concept.

Lynn reported that she had received the October financials but had not received the commentary yet — she said that she would distribute the information to the board as soon as she did receive it. She reported that the cash on hand was about 8 months operating expenses and that there would be a shortfall this year in the Platinum member revenue. She said that the forecast for the end of the year was in line with what was presented at the last board meeting including a surplus of about $2 M (significantly over the budget due in part to an excess surplus payment from PIR that had not been predicted).

PIR Liaison report

Lynn noted that Ed Viltz would be resigning as PIR CEO at the end of the year and that Eva Frolich will be serving as interim CEO. Lynn reported that a contract should be signed by year-end with a search firm. She reviewed the process that the PIR board has set up for the transition to a new CEO. She noted that Erik Huizer would be taking up his seat on the PIR board at the first of the year and that the ICANN / PIR contract was unanimously approved by the ICANN board.

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Meeting (18 December 2006)