Date: 2016-01-14
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: Excomm-2016-01
Status: Confirmed
Maintainer: Minutes taken by Scott Bradner.
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Scott Bradner (Secretary)
Kathy Brown (President)
Narelle Clark
Hans Peter Dittler
Bob Hinden (Chair, BoT Chair)
Sean Turner (Treasurer)

Apologies were received from Jason Livingood.

Also Present:
Kevin Craemer (ISOC staff)

The Executive Committee of the ISOC BoT met on Thursday, 14 January, 2016, from 7:02 PM to 8:19 PM UTC via teleconference.

1. Opening Comments
Bob opened the meeting at 7:02 PM. He asked if anyone had any conflict of interest with any of the agenda items. No one indicated any conflicts.

2. Approve minutes of 10 December Executive Committee call
The minutes of the 10 December Executive Committee call were approved.

3. Execution on Business Process Review
Kathy reported that the business process review is now under way. She said that the budget tracking and forecasting and membership areas were the first areas to be reviewed. She also said that ISOC had hired an external firm to help the review process and recommend software solutions where needed. She said that she would be providing an update on the status to the board during the upcoming Buenos Aires board meeting.

4. Update on IANA transition
Kathy and Narelle provided an update on the status of the IANA transition.

5. Post WSIS+10 / China “World Internet Conference”
Kathy said that additional work needed to be done in clarifying the role of multistakeholder processes vs. cyber sovereignty.

6. 2016 Board Retreat: proposal for location & dates
Kathy discussed a proposal to hold the next ISOC board retreat on July 23-25 2016 after the IETF meeting in Berlin. The Executive Committee supported recommending this proposal to the Board.

7. Board appointment of new IAOC member
The Executive Committee discussed various options for the ISOC appointment to the IAOC.

8. Candidate(s) for Board Secretary
The Executive Committee discussed various options for the ISOC Board Secretary


Kathy provided an update on the status of the IETF endowment.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:19 pm.

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Meeting (14 January 2016)