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  • The world of today mostly buzzes with social media and hashtags. For a youth it’s a complicated dynamic world of Internet with tons and tons of messages and notifications that pop up every other minute, and where no Internet means no life. As a journalist, blogger, activist and a consultant, the Internet made me who I am and still I am exploring the possibilities of my virtue. Nothing was easy but the point is standing for change. I realized the power of Internet when I published a story in one of the citizen journalism sites, Ground Report, and it was picked up by Access Now...
    Date published 27 April 2017
  • We are young. We have a bunch of emotions, energy and dreams. As young people, we truly believe that our world can get better. Most of the time we do not have fears. We try new things, new trends, new food, and new technology. We are open to hear new ideas and fight for new causes. All this helps us to come up with innovative ideas. I have seen lots of great ones!Some of you have developed these ideas, and now you have projects, groups, businesses, and movements. However, not all of these ideas get the attention that they deserve. But now you have the chance. This is...
    Date published 25 April 2017
  • Online trust and the fundamental need to collaborate to address its challenges is an issue I care about deeply. Today I’m excited to share some important news about a new Initiative at the Internet Society that we believe will help us get to the next level in addressing online trust.The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) is an organisation with objectives very dear to ISOC’s heart. OTA’s mission is to enhance online trust, and its goal is to help educate businesses, policy makers and stakeholders while developing and advancing best practices and tools to enhance the protection of users' security,...
    Date published 05 April 2017
  • Do you know someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the development of the Internet?We are pleased to announce that candidate nominations for the 2017 Jonathan B. Postel Service Award are open.This annual award is presented to an individual or organization that has made outstanding contributions in service to data communications and places particular emphasis on those who have supported and enabled others. Nominations are encouraged for individuals or teams of individuals from across the data communications industry around the world who are dedicated to the efforts of...
    Date published 04 April 2017
  • Today, the Internet Society hosted a special Community Forum, “Youth on the Internet.” Hundreds of participants from across 6 continents joined the conversation to share their views on what the Internet means to them.A special thanks to our Next Generation Leaders who were panellists - Evelyn Namara (Uganda), Veronica Arroyo (Peru), Yuza Setiawan (Indonesia) for a vibrant discussion on topics such as how young people can address privacy and security concerns, and how the Internet can help close the gender gap.We also launched the new "25 Under 25” initiative. In celebration of the Internet...
    Date published 16 March 2017