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  • How do you build a multilingual website? What are the things you should be thinking about? In my last post in this series, I wrote about our need for a multilingual editor (and we now have some GREAT candidates!). But there's obviously much more to a site than just having a person on board. This week, Joly MacFie of our New York Chapter pointed me to this excellent video from the recent WordCamp Helsinki 2017 event titled "The User Experience Perspective of Multilingual and Multi-regional Websites":What I like about this is how the speaker, Thomas Hurd, lays out the different options in how...
    Date published 30 June 2017
  • Our current website is a multilingual embarrassment.Have you looked at our French home page lately? Or Spanish? Or Russian? Chinese? Arabic?You probably haven't, according to our website statistics, and for a good reason: those home pages have not changed much in 2 years! They all still show an image that we used on our English-language home page two years ago. The events are outdated. The feature boxes are old. The "news" is old. The menus are no longer synchronized with the main English home page.And if you follow links from those home pages, you will find that you soon run out of...
    Date published 16 June 2017
  • Today I'm excited to give you a glimpse into our future! As James Wood recently wrote, we have been working on a new website that makes it tremendously easier to find information and take action on issues important to you. I also shared the vision we have for this new site.The big news is this: we have now released an "early beta" version of the new site that shows the overall design direction and look-and-feel. It is important to note: Most of the site is INCOMPLETE. Most links will not work and many pages are missing.The feedback we seek right now includes the questions:Does the overall...
    Date published 09 June 2017
  • In the early stages of our process to build a new Internet Society website, we developed a "vision" for what we wanted the new website to be. Last year we spoke with many people throughout the larger Internet Society community. We spoke with staff, with Chapter leaders, with partner organizations, with individual members and many more.  As we launch the "beta" of the new website this week, I want to share with you the vision that emerged out of all of those aspirations:Our website is a driving force in realizing our mission of an open Internet for everyone. It empowers all who...
    Date published 09 June 2017
  • Have you struggled to find information on our current website? Have you found it difficult to know what actions you can take on important issues such as connecting the unconnected and building trust on the Internet?You are not alone.In one of the most visible and important changes we are making this year, we are working hard on giving our website a deep refresh.  We are building it to be a direct vehicle for action. We are redesigning it from the ground up to help us achieve our objective of connecting everyone, everywhere to a globally connected, trusted Internet. It will look...
    Date published 02 June 2017