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2 November 2012

Internet Technology … Matters

By Leslie DaigleFormer Chief Internet Technology Officer

By Leslie Daigle, Chief Internet Technology Officer, Internet Society

Done right, technology is something that is neither seen nor heard: it should just work. And, because it is rarely seen or heard, for many people it's easy to think of the Internet solely in terms of the various important opportunities and experiences it has brought us — making it possible for families to communicate at great distances, breaking down barriers, changing the scale of businesses (both large and small), sharing of pictures and video, meeting new friends, finding and contacting long lost ones.

That seeming seamlessness comes from the continued care and attention of thousands of concerned engineers (and developers and policymakers and organizations and random individuals and…) around the globe, who are watching the Internet's technical growth, producing new ideas and services to run on it, and determining best guidelines for its use. Perhaps you are one of them.

The Internet Society has a 20 year history of supporting the technical development of the Internet (as the organizational home of the Internet Engineering Task Force), and has several years of experience developing other technical and policy activities to support its evolution as the Internet's growth and role in our everyday lives has inevitably introduced unexpected opportunities and challenges.

With this new Internet Technology Matters section of our website, we've brought together our various materials relating to technology matters of the Internet. With this space, we aim to share what we see that matters about the Internet's technology, and engage with others who are as passionate about its continued health and well-being as we are.You can look forward to hearing more directly what our perspectives are, as well as voices from others in the Internet technology community.

We're still settling in to this new space, and will be adding more content as we go — we look forward to your feedback! You can interact with us on our various social media channels:

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Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.