Siranush Vardanyan

Siranush Vardanyan

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Siranush Vardanyan current position is Program Development Manager at Habitat for Humanity Armenia (HFHA). Siranush has more than fifteen years experience in working with international organizations. Before joining HFHA team, from 2000-2008 Siranush worked for Project Harmony Armenia first as an Outreach Manager and then as a Program Manager for the Armenia School Connectivity Program.

Siranush has the extensive managerial, communication, and project implementation skills. She is one of the pioneers in Armenia of online facilitation and, as a Trainer of Trainers for successful leadership and completion of Online Facilitation and Development, conducted numerous trainings for Armenian students and teachers.

Since 2007 Siranush has been actively involved in different Internet Governance issues, she is Diplo Foundation Alumnus, participating at "Internet Governance Capacity Building Training" Program in 2007, she is also the participant of the First European Summer School on Internet Governance in Germany in August 2007, as well as she is three time ICANN Fellow (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and participate in ICANN international public meetings in India, France, Egypt and Australia.

Siranush is also Salzburg Seminar Fellow of the Academic Core Session "International Legal Perspectives on Human Rights", as well as Central European University Summer School participant on "Human Rights and Forced Displacement: An Interdisciplinary Approach" Course. During her professional career, she participated in more than 25 international conferences and workshops, has several publications in local and international journals.