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Internet Governance 3 June 2020

ITU World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly 2020: Background Paper

This background paper is intended to provide the Internet Society community and interested parties with an outline of the...

Encryption 2 June 2020

Fact Sheet: Intermediaries and Encryption

Pressuring intermediaries to weaken security is not the answer to prevent harmful content online

Growing the Internet 1 June 2020

Indigenous Connectivity in Canada

While many people take Internet access for granted, COVID-19 has shed light on an alarming digital divide in Canada.

Growing the Internet 1 June 2020

Indigenous Connectivity in the United States

Complementary connectivity models can bring affordable and sustainable Internet access to tribal areas across the country.

Encryption 29 May 2020

Fact Sheet: Government Hacking

Government hacking is one of the approaches national security and law enforcement agencies use to obtain access to otherwise...

Growing the Internet 18 May 2020

Middle East & North Africa Internet Infrastructure Report

In this paper we focus on expanding and upgrading infrastructure in the Middle East and North Africa region.

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