Bill St.Arnaud

Bill St.Arnaud


Bill St. Arnaud is Senior Director Advanced Networks for CANARIE Inc., Canada’s Advanced Internet Development Organization. At CANARIE Bill St. Arnaud has been responsible for the coordination and implementation of Canada’s next generation optical Internet initiative called CA*net 4. He has been the principal architect behind the concept of extending the Internet end-to-end principle to the physical layer to further enable greater control at the edge and promote continued Internet innovation and creativity. This technology was originally developed and deployed on the CA*net 4 network under the rubric of User Controlled LightPaths (UCLP) and is now deployed on many R&E networks around the world.

Previously Bill St. Arnaud was the President and founder of a network and software engineering firm called TSA ProForma Inc. TSA was a LAN/WAN software company that developed wide area network client/server systems for use primarily in the financial and information business fields in the Far East and the United States.

Bill St. Arnaud is member of various committees and boards including the NomComm committee for ICANN, the UKlight Steering Committee, the GLORIAD policy committee, Neptune Canada Oversight Committee, Globecomm Fellow and the GLIF policy committee amongst others.

In 2002 he was featured by TIME Magazine Canada as the engineer who is wiring together advanced Canadian science. In 2005 he also won the World Technology Summit award for Communications.

Bill St. Arnaud is an author of numerous papers and columns and is a frequent guest speaker at various conferences on the Internet and optical networking. He is a graduate of Carleton University School of Engineering.