Lynn St. Amour

Lynn St. Amour

Former President/CEO


Lynn St.Amour served as President/CEO of the Internet Society from 2001 to 2014.

She joined ISOC in 1998 as Executive Director of its Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) division, and has been responsible for ISOC's international expansion. She became ISOC's global Executive Director and COO in 1999 and held that position until her appointment as President and CEO in February of 2001. She was President and CEO until January of 2014.

St.Amour has extensive experience in global IT and international business. Her background includes positions at the highest levels in international sales and marketing, strategic planning, partner management and manufacturing. She also has considerable experience in corporate restructuring and start-up management. St.Amour has spent most of her career working in the United Kingdom, France and Switzerland, with significant long-term assignments in other European countries.

Prior to joining ISOC, she was director of Business Development and Joint Venture Operations for AT&T's Europe, Middle East and Africa division. She led the negotiation and development of several telecommunications joint ventures with leading European companies. She was responsible for managing the AT&T Unisource Communications Services joint venture - an alliance between AT&T, and the Swiss, Swedish and Dutch PTT's - to ensure alignment of strategic goals and achievement of operating targets.

Before joining AT&T, she held a number of management positions for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). As Director of Pricing for European Sales and Marketing, she was responsible for pricing policies and practices across Europe, Middle East and Africa, and was responsible for managing the transition from a wholly direct sales model to a combined direct and indirect model. She established the European Pricing Office, and built up regional channel management and pricing teams.

As a Corporate Strategic Alliance Director for Digital, she was responsible for a number of corporate-level strategic initiatives. In addition, she developed methodologies and processes to drive the analysis and development of partnership opportunities worldwide.

Earlier in her career she led Digital's corporate manufacturing restructuring efforts as the leader of the worldwide Capacity Management Team. These efforts reduced manufacturing/engineering headcount worldwide by 30%, the number of plants by 60%, and established management processes that remained the core of manufacturing for many years. Prior to that St.Amour was responsible for Digital's Sales and Product Forecasting for Europe's entire revenue stream - $3 billion in 1988. She also recruited and successfully managed a start-up group responsible for material planning and order fulfillment process for Digital's Personal Computer Business ($1 billion in 1984) and was project leader in a 2-year corporate-wide program which successfully reengineered and significantly streamlined manufacturing, order fulfillment and logistics processes.

A graduate of the University of Vermont, St. Amour began her career in information technology with the General Electric Corporation.