Hana Sabbagh

Hana Sabbagh

Community Engagement Manager – Middle East

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As a Community Engagement Manager for the Middle East at the Internet Society (ISOC), I interact closely with Chapters and their volunteer leaders and members to strengthen the impact of the organization in the Middle East. My work consists of developing and implementing plans to engage the chapters in projects and activities that advocate for ISOC's vision and mission. I first assumed this role as a contractor for a couple of years before becoming a full-time employee at the Internet Society.

I graduated from the American University of Beirut with a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics and completed a one-year internship at the American University Hospital before moving to the United States to pursue a Master’s degree in Exercise, Science, and Health at George Mason University. Back to Lebanon, I started working in the nutrition and food supplements field, speaking at conferences in different countries and preparing presentations and trainings for doctors and pharmacists concerning the products, while also teaching nutrition and food safety courses at universities and writing nutrition articles for a magazine. I then moved to Saudi Arabia where I worked as a senior clinical dietitian at the diet center. Due to personal preoccupations, I had to pull the brakes on my professional career in nutrition which allowed me to volunteer on the Board of CARE Organization where I oversaw outreaching to and communicating with sponsors as well as organizing awareness, advocacy, and fundraising events, helping the organization sustain, thrive, and further implement its agenda. My newfound love for the social work field led me to decide to shift careers completely, so I obtained a Project Management diploma to be able to professionally follow this path that I became so passionate about. I was introduced to the Internet Society at one of the conferences I was volunteering at and my work relationship with the organization started ever since.

I am based in Beirut, Lebanon.

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