Madeleine Redfern

Madeleine Redfern

President of the Ajungi Group


Madeleine Redfern was Mayor of the City of Iqaluit for two terms (2010-2012; 2015-2019). Madeleine has worked for 30 years in business and governance on issues like economic development, housing, education, workforce development, justice, community services, and health care.

She holds law degrees from Akitsiraq Law School and the University of Victoria, and she worked at the Supreme Court of Canada for Madam Justice Charron.

Madeleine is a member of the National Indigenous Economic Development Consortium, Trudeau Foundation, and President of the Ajungi Group. She works with AjungiTel, Northern Robotics and Nuvujaq on telecommunication projects to improve broadband in Canada’s north through fiber optic projects, Internet Exchange Points, community innovation, and technology centers. With expertise in building partnerships and local capacity, she has worked with industry, governments, aboriginal organizations and communities to assess and identify strategies for better outcomes.