Jose Luis Pardos

Jose Luis Pardos

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Born in Murcia, Spain, 1934.
Master in Law at Murcia University, High honors.
Ph.D. in International Law, University of Bologna (Italy).
Member of the Spanish Diplomatic Service, since 1959.
Professor of International Law and Diplomatic Protection at the University of Madrid (1960-64).
Chief of Staff of the Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Madrid (1969-70)
Director General for International Scientific and Technical Cooperation at
Foreign Affairs, Madrid(1982-85)
Diplomatic postings:
United Nations (1964-68)
Holy See, Rome (1970-75)
Lima, Peru (1976-78)
Ambassador to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua-New
Guinea and Tonga (1987-92)
Ambassador to Canada (1992-96)
Ambassador to Denmark since September 1996
Member of the Executive Board of UNITAR. "United Nations training and research" (1982-85)
Author of several Books and Articles on Human Rights, Development and Environment, among them:
"Derechos del hombre en el Consejo de Europa" Murcia 1960
"Proteccion internacional del individuo" Madrid, 1963
Visiting Professor of McGill University (Montreal) and "Arbor Award" of the University of Toronto.
Motion at the International Martime Organisation in 1983, banning the "Dumping at sea of Nuclear waistes".
Director of "Si, Spain" a Web page for the Embassy of Spain in Ottawa since May 1994, and of "Si, Spain" 2.0. from Copenhague.
Organizer, for the Diplomatic Corps in Canada, of the symposium "The Internet, World Diplomacy and the Third Millenium" with some 80 Embassies attending.
Director for INET 96 Paper "Si, Spain a case-study for development and diplomacy"
Fluent in German, Italian, Portuguese, French, English and Spanish.
Main interests: Culture, abstract Art, Sociology of Development & Human rights. Communications & computers. Cross country skiing and biking.
Married to Mercedes Sarasola.

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