Shernon Osepa

Shernon Osepa

Director, Caribbean Affairs and Development


In my role at the Internet Society, I work with a broad range of stakeholders including governments, the technical community, the private sector, the civil society, academia and key regional influencers to promote technologies, policies, and best practices to keep the Internet open, globally connected, secure and trusted for the benefit of people across the world. I also coordinate several projects that ultimately will lead to a more stronger and bigger Internet.
Prior to joining the Internet Society, I was the Manager Regional Relations Caribbean for ICANN for more than three years. Before ICANN I worked as a Policy Advisor with the Telecommunications & Post Regulatory Authority (Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post) in the Netherlands Antilles for almost 6 years. Previously I  worked with the local telecommunication’s incumbent operator UTS/Setel in Curaçao, for almost nine years.
I am a co-founder and contributed to the development of the Caribbean Peering & Interconnection Forum (CarPIF), and some of my key areas of interest are SIDS (Small Islands Development States), Digital Economy Development, Natural Disaster Mitigation Strategies and Cybersecurity.

I am fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish, Papiamento, and have a working understanding of French and Portuguese.

I like aviation and hold a private pilot license. I also enjoy classical guitar music.

Image credit: © Jordi Ruiz Cirera/Panos