Nandipha Ntsaluba

Nandipha Ntsaluba

Nominee for Internet Society Board of Trustees


A lifelong learner and academically and experientially qualified professional with at least twelve qualifications in the fields of Education and Training, Science, Extractive Industries law, International law, International trade law, Intellectual Property law, Air space and Communication Law.

Academic credentials with a minimum of twelve(12) qualifications with four cross sectoral Masters qualification (2LLMs, MED, MBL). Recently elected as a South African Females in Energy Efficiency board member an interest group of the South African Efficiency Energy Confederation (SAEEC).

Member of The South African Association of Intellectual Property Law and Information Technology Teachers and Researchers(AIPLITL). Active member of the South African Public Procurement and SCM Collaboration Forum which represents a minimum of 700 public procurement and SCM professionals across the country and across the different sectors of the economic both public and private sector. Professionally qualified in the UCT/MIM specialised online mediation for legal practitioners.

Active participant within the Global Internet Governance Fora, Continentally, regionally and domestically as well as Africa Information, Communication and Technology Alliance (AfICTA), member of Global Cyberlaw Forum as well as participants of the developments within The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
2011-2015 member of ICTS, JCPS Clusters, Govt Planning, M&E Forum; Treaty Implementation Monitoring Committee, PAIA Coordinating Committee and GITOC.

2018 LLM Graduate in IP and Cyberlaw with focus on IP and dealing with IP Infringement on the Cyberspace as well as ADR processes with research on “Torwards Policy and Legislation on Cybersecurity in South Africa.“ Certificate on Irish Rule of Law International (IRLI) | Commercial Drafting Member of Institute of Directors (IODSA), SACE as well as member of Gauteng Association of Advocates(GSA) and NADEL.

Vast experience in conducting financial and Programme accreditation due diligence as part of regulating Private Education and Training Provisioning, Policy Development, Public sector, private sector collaboration. Collaboratively developed with DOL, the NQF Framework, SAQA Policies, Further Education and Training Act as well as Skills Development Act as well as the founding documents that informed the emergence of the SETAs from Industry Training Boards. Developed the career routing model with the Department of Education as part of the Youth Development Programme. Advocate of Gender maninstreaming and HE for she strategy 2063 implementation.

LLD Candidate at UP with focus on Lawful Processing of Personal Information within the deployment of Drones in SA.

Currently Practising within the Air, Space Communication Law, International trade law space field of Intellectual Property, Cyberlaw, Promotion of POPIA and GDPR implementation imperatives flowing from the Council of Europe Treaty and on- line Mediation. Providing advice on promotion of Artisanal Small Scale Mining in South Africa as part of the Strategy on Extractive Industry participation in Africa.

Participated in the development of South Africa Connect Policy, Electronic Communication Policies and Legislation as well as the Communications Policies and legislative Provisions as part of the LLM in IP and Cyberlaw Programme at UP.

Developed the Regulations for Registration of Private FET institutions as part of the Establishment of the Capability in Government that was to Regulate private FET Provision. Developed the systems and blue print to guide the SA approach to Registration and Accreditation of private FET Private Institutions. legal instruments for regulation the licensing of Private FET / Private Colleges in line with section 39(2) of the Constitution.

From 2005 deployed as First Female to lead the South African Defence as Director Defence, Strategy and Planning as well as acting Deputy Director General: Corporate Services of the South African Military Veterans mandate. From 2011 gained Experience within ICT Governance as a GITOC member as well as member of the National South African Coordinating Committee for PAIA Implementation as well as served as a Deputy Chair of the PAIA Coordinating Committee. She has been central in the development of data Governance Policy within the ICTS Cluster to ensure Compliance with GDPR and POPIA imperatives in the development and deployment of the Military Veterans Data Management System as well as verification of MV personal data through Department of Home Affairs. Proven and well documented Experience in Futures research notable the SA Foresight 2020 and development of various Foresight Strategies and Outcomes Based Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Instruments as part of oversight on compliance with Corporate Governance, PFMA and delegated Legislation across organs of state.

2011 acquired Expertise in managing civil military relations and International Business development and coordination the implementation of military and defence strategy as well as profiling of qoutas at Chief procurement at National Treasury and DTI in promotion of military veterans and dependents as designated groups in SA. Selected during 2019, as mentor for Innovation Hub: Maxum Smart Business Incubator for the previous three years, service that was provided Probono.

Since 1996, Experienced leader in engineering programme development with Mining Companies as part of technical Vocational Programme development as well as development of instruments to conducting internal, external and allocative efficiency of vocational Programmes including forward and backward Tracer Studies. Experience in monitoring corporate governance protocols for businesses as part of registration as private education providers.