Christine Maxwell

Christine Maxwell


A 25-year veteran of publishing and research industries, Maxwell is focusing her extensive research, publishing and Internet expertise on creating a new electronic publishing vehicle for high value content. Co-founder of the McKinley Group's 'Magellan' on-line directory, Maxwell has been the publisher and creative visionary of the Company which was sold recently to Excite. Recognizing early on the need for a clear, concise guide to the Internet, Maxwell co-authored "New Riders Official Internet Yellow Pages" in 1994. The third edition is now published under the revised title of "McKinley Internet Yellow Pages."

Prior to working at McKinley Group, Maxwell held senior marketing and strategic business development positions with Pergamon Press, Macmillan and SRA. She has been President of Research on Demand Inc.,in California from 1985 to present. Maxwell serves as a trustee of the Santa Fe Institute, a private think tank for the study of the sciences of complexity.

Educational / Personal:

Maxwell holds a teaching credential from Lady Spencer College, Oxford UK, and BA degrees in Sociology and Latin American Studies from Pitzer College, Claremont, California, USA. She lives in France with her husband and three young children.

Professional Expertise:

Co-founder of the "Magellan" on-line directory, one of the most popular guides to Internet resources, ( Pioneered star rating system and in-depth evaluations of Internet resources; also "Green Light" sites, (safe sites on the Internet).

25 years experience in a broad variety of publishing: books, journals, microforms, scientific, educational, technical and electronic publishing; Editorial, research, marketing and production. Author of six published works including: "McKinley Internet Yellow Pages" , co- author of "New Riders Official Internet Yellow Pages", General Editor of "Nuevas Fronteras/ New Frontiers": a bilingual, early education program, publisher, Pergamon Press.

11 years as President of a research organization providing in-depth on-line and manual research to fulfill the information needs of a global audience.

3 years elementary teaching in Europe and 5 years developing educational programs for use in schools around the world.