Aydin Karadeniz

Aydin Karadeniz


Aydin Karadeniz immigrated to America with the dream of starting his own global company. In 2006, Aydin launched Surfmyads.com, which partners with thousands of retailers to offer discounts and deals to save consumers money through its various coupon sites. Surfmyads.com is the parent company of US coupon-code site, Promocodes.com, UK site, Codes.co.uk, Canadian site, Coupons.ca, Australian site, Discountcode.com, German site Codes.de, French site Codepromo.fr, as well as several other global deals sites. With offices in Los Angeles, northern Idaho, London and Istanbul and ongoing success in the coupon code space, Surfmyads.com plans to continue its global expansion efforts in the years to come.

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