Tarek Kamel

Tarek Kamel


Tarek Kamel has been a member in the Board of Trustees of the Internet Society and the co-founder and Secretary of the Internet Society of Egypt (ISE), an ISOC chapter.

Kamel founded the Communications Department at the Information and Decision Support Center IDSC/RITSEC. He is managing the main Egyptian Internet gateway, servicing over 50 commercial ISPs and hundreds of government organizations. Kamel's work extended into liberalization issues such as a tax reduction for ISPs as well as a government/private sector partnership to serve the Egyptian Internet community. He has actively participated in the establishment of community centers in remote areas to bring the Internet to the have-nots.

Kamel co-founded the annual ISE event: CAINET conference and chaired its program committee for the last three years. He received the first award from the ISE in recognition of all his efforts.

Kamel has been a member of the program committee of INET'99 at San Jose. In INET'98 he was a member of the organizing group of the Developing Countries Symposium. Kamel has co-organized the African Symposiums at INET'97 and in Benin in December 98. In the latter event, he was elected in the interim board of trustees of AFRINIC. He also participated as one of the training staff members of the developing countries workshop of INET'94.

Academically, Kamel is an Associate Professor at the ERI. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Networks from the Technical University of Munich. He has lectured in various graduate level joint-academic programs led by Cairo University, Maastricht School of Management and University of Louisville.

His main areas of interest are the Internet deployment and penetration in the developing countries using simple technology.