Pascal Hoba

Pascal Hoba

CEO, Ubuntunet Alliance


Pascal Hoba, PhD, is the CEO of Ubuntunet Alliance (Regional Research Education Network) since January 20015.

Previously was director of Knowledge management and ICT services at the Association of African Universities based in Accra, Ghana where Dr Hoba also served as Coordinator of the Europe-Africa quality Connect project and the Database of African Theses and Dissertations (DATAD) programme from which he is credited for initiating the Open Access process with the DATAD programme as a regional repository center. Before he joined AAU he worked as programme officer at ADEA/IIEP/UNESCO Head office in Paris France.

With over 18 years’ experience in Higher Education, Dr Hoba has served on a number of Africa-wide initiatives and boards such as the ICT Advisory Committee of the Pan African/Indian e-Network Project at the African Union Commission in Addis Ababa; and the Executive Committee of the Pan-African Leadership Institute for Library;

He has authored several scientific papers on strategic information for decision making and edited a number of books including: The Contribution of Higher Education to National Educational Systems: Current Challenges for Africa published in 2007;

Agents in Development, African Higher Education Networks and Policy Entrepreneurship published in 2010;

Why Should We Worry About Brain Drain Journal of the European Higher Education Area, 2011, No. 4 21

Sturdy report: Sub-Saharan Africa Higher Education Leadership Development, published-Jan 2013

Rebuilding Higher Education Institutions institution in post conflict context published 2015

He graduated from Law school of Aix en Provence, France he also holds a Masters Degree and PhD in Scientific and Technical Information from the University of Marseilles in France where he also worked as Lecturer and researcher at the faculty of sciences.