Mohd E. Hafez

Mohd E. Hafez

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Mohd E. Hafez is an information security team lead at the Sudan Internet Society (ISOC Sudan Chapter). He has 9 years of experience in the private sector (ISP), public, academia, and NGOs, and has worked as a Linux/UNIX systems administrator, part-time lecturer, information security pentester. He joined the Sudan Network Operators Group (SdNOG) in 2014 as the executive committee member, active in workshops on open source, IoT, DNS operation, and information security awareness. He later joined the Sudan IPv6 Taskforce (SDv6) as a trainer.

He is a founder of a free/open source software initiative which promotes open source culture between researchers. Currently, he is a Ph.D. Student at Malaysia University of Science and Technology doing research related to IPv6.

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