James Gondwe

James Gondwe

Founder &Executive Director, Centre for Youth and Development (CYD)

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James Gondwe is the founding Director of Centre for Youth and Development (CYD), a local Non-Governmental Developmental organization in Malawi established in the year 2012 to facilitate positive and sustainable change for children, youth and women in Malawi.

He is a human rights activist focused on rights of children, youth and women; a seasoned Development Specialist with over 10 years’ experience managing Community Development programs and an ICT enthusiast and internet access rights activist. At CYD he is responsible for overall strategic direction, oversight management, scoping of new projects and resource Mobilization. Previously he worked with International and Local NGOs and the Malawi Government’s Community Development Department.

His area of interest is enhancing Digital Literacy and leveraging on computers to improve education in Malawi through installing digital learning platforms, namely; KOLIBRI and RACHEL – both offline open source digital learning platforms that enables students and teachers to have access to important content for learning and teaching, addressing challenges of shortage of books, inadequate teachers and improving educational outcomes in the long run.

He represented the Centre for Youth and Development participating in the LOCNET project run by Association for Progressive Communications learning about community networks governance, policy and sustainability.
He has participated in 2 internationally organized African Community Networks Summit by Internet Society in the past 2 and currently serves as the African Community Networks Summit Program Committee Member.

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