Noel Daniel

Noel Daniel

Co-founder and Managing Partner, Kudu Ventures


Noel Daniel is a 24-year-old Ethiopian-American/German entrepreneur. He is currently the co-founder and managing partner of Kudu Ventures, the first Ethiopian venture capital firm.

Noel Daniel launched Network to Net worth a social enterprise that fosters meaningful relationships through curated Q&A and networking mixers. Since 2017, NTN has hosted a dozen events with over 23 panelists and over 1300 attendees.

He most recently co-founded Kudu Ventures, an impact driven venture capital firm with over $3m in committed funds to invest in promising founders and home grown startups that are coming up with local solution to local problems.

Kudu Ventures made a local investment worth five million birr in Ethiopia in partnership with iCog Labs on Solve IT accelerator. Solve IT Accelerator provides an opportunity for startups to accelerate their business development, along with providing investment and exposure.