Clara Scerri Delia

Clara Scerri Delia

Technical Specialist, Malta Communications


Clara joined the MCA as a technical specialist in 2005. Since then, Clara has led initiatives dealing with spectrum management, broadband proliferation, emergency services, legal interception and IPv6, to name a few. Furthermore, Clara has been involved in projects promoting innovation and technical investment; attempting to embrace the MCA’s regulatory hat whilst, concurrently, encouraging and assisting the adoption and deployment of these last two. Clara chaired the Maltese IPv6 Task Force until 2011 when she stopped for a maternity break. Clara is now back at the MCA.

Prior to joining the MCA, Clara worked within the Test and Product department at STMicroelectronics and, subsequently, as a Network and Systems engineer with Melita Plc.

Clara is an engineer by profession with a Masters Degree specialised in telecommunications. Additionally, over the years, Clara has attained a number of certifications related to networking and telecommunications.