Claudio H Chacon

Claudio H Chacon

La principal herramienta de Investigación en el Ecuador


Claudio H Chacón A. is an expert of LAN Networks, security and open source applications at the University of Cuenca. Since 2009 joined Red CEDIA Ecuatorian NREN (National Research and Education Network). In 2011 did the implementation of IPv6 in all network campus and services, after that, he helped deploy IPv6 to new Universities. In 2015 he joined red CEDIA as full time specialist engineer, working actually as I+D+i in IT services for the Ecuadorian NREN and its members.

As part of his work, he had been president of the redClara technical commission and also member of the GeCC (eduroam’s Global Governance Committee), as well as trainer of IPv6 for ISPs (Internet Service Providers) as part of the IPv6 LACNIC Tour 2011 and other courses along his career. In addition, he still is trainer of Cisco Certified Network Academy (for 12 years).

Claudio graduated at University of Cuenca, Ecuador, as Systems Engineering in 2009, and after receiving his Masters in Telematics, he is actually working with new technologies in red CEDIA.