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Maria Casey

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Maria Casey is a 22 year old scholar, who has recently graduated with a B.Sc in Computer Systems from the University of Limerick, Ireland and is about to commence with a Masters of Eng. in Information and Network Security. She has previously worked with the Information Systems department of Boston Scientific, a worldwide developer and manufacturer of medical devices which are used in a range of medical specialties.
Maria was selected to represent Ireland at the ITU's conference in Geneva, Switzerland ‘09 as a member of the Youth Forum, which is an initiative of the ITU to bring together 300 young fellows from 150 countries around the world. During the ITU conference, the youth forum collaborate to represent the global youth’s stake in ICT policy and also to represent themselves as future leaders, which results in the production of a declaration/action plan to be published by the ITU. Maria was elected from her peers at the conference to present the declaration created by the youth, at the joint closing ceremony at the closing of the ITU conference.
Maria is presently taking place in ISOC's Next Generation Leaders Programme (NGL), an eLearning Programme using online format for the express purpose of preparing professionals to lead in Internet technique, policy and governance on local, regional and international levels along with 23 others, selected from various countries in the world.

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