Gonzalo Camarillo

Gonzalo Camarillo

Chair, Internet Society Board of Trustees

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Gonzalo Camarillo is 2018-2020 Chair of the Internet Society Board of Trustees. He is also the head of Data/IT standardization at Ericsson, where he works at the office of the CTO. At the IETF, he chairs the HIP and TRAM working groups and is the liaison manager to 3GPP.

Dr. Camarillo has been actively involved in the IETF community for many years. He has authored several RFCs, and served in both the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) and the IAB (Internet Architecture Board). He has also chaired a number of working groups in several areas and has served in several directorates.

In the past, Dr. Camarillo funded and headed the Advanced Multimedia Research Laboratory at Ericsson Research Finland. He also worked for Ericsson Research as Principal Researcher in the area of Services and Software, and for an Ericsson business unit as principal systems expert. He has published several scientific papers, patents and books.

Gonzalo Camarillo holds an MBA from AEE (Aalto University Executive Education; Finland), a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Aalto University (Finland), and two MSc degrees in Electrical Engineering from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology; Sweden) and UPM (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid; Spain). As part of his PhD studies, he was a visitor researcher at Columbia University (USA).

Image credit: © Renaud Philippe

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