Fred Baker

Fred Baker

Former IETF Chair


Fred Baker has worked in the telecommunications industry since 1978, building statistical multiplexors, terminal servers, bridges, and routers.

At Cisco Systems, his primary interest areas include the improvement of Quality of Service for best effort and real time traffic, the development of routing and addressing, and issues in law enforcement and emergency use of the Internet. In addition to product development, as a Cisco Fellow, he advises senior management of industry directions and appropriate corporate strategies.

His principal standards contributions have been to the IETF, for which he served as IETF Chair in from 1996 to 2001. In that forum, he has contributed to Network Management, OSPF and Manet Routing, PPP and Frame Relay, the Integrated and Differentiated Services QoS architectures, and RSVP. He now serves on the IETF's Internet Architecture Board and chairs the Internet Emergency Preparedness Working Group, as well as directly contributing technically.