Adebunmi Akinbo

Adebunmi Akinbo

Nigeria Chapter


Adebunmi Adeola Akinbo is the CEO of DNS Africa Media and Communications. He is the Founder/Team Lead for Community NetHUBs Africa, Culture Games Africa, and sits on the board of trustees for Africa ICT Foundation (AfICTF).

Adebunmi is a member of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) Community. He was a pioneer member of the board of trustees, served as NiRA Acting Chief Operations Officer, and was a former NiRA Director. He is a local content ambassador, sportsman, research expert, and poet.

He is the Secretary to the governing board of the Association for Information and Communication Technology Local Content (ICTLOCA), and the Secretary-General for the Internet Society (ISOC) Nigeria Chapter. He also runs KOBOKINGs Limited, an innovation channel for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals to promote the Poverty Reduction Strategic Papers (PRSP).

Adebunmi has received many awards, including the NiRA Presidential Award for Youth Development. He also runs two online radio stations to empower citizens in rural areas.