Exploring Digital Sovereignty

The Internet is borderless by design. But is this very idea under threat?

More and more, governments are using the term “digital sovereignty” to justify policies and actions to control how the Internet works. They’re trying to impose geographic borders on the global Internet. How will this affect the Internet? What should we be saying and doing about it? We’re developing a position within our community that we can share with the world and use to shape discussions about the future of the Internet.

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A Fragmented Internet

A growing number of governments want more authority over how the Internet, and the services it enables, works inside their borders. Some are enacting policies that limit the movement of data or regulate tech companies. These policies mean well and have their citizens’ best interests at heart. Yet, if each country comes up with its own laws over the global Internet, we could end up with an Internet that isn’t open, secure, or trustworthy.

Strengthening the Internet 

By exploring how digital sovereignty can impact the Internet, we’re helping to make the Internet stronger with:

  • Looking at the ways digital sovereignty plays out in different regions of the world
  • Developing our position on digital sovereignty with our community
  • Providing a foundation for future analysis rooted in the Internet Way of Networking framework

Get Involved 

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Give Us Feedback on Our Draft Position Paper

We will open our draft position paper for comment later in the year. If you’re a member and want participate, contact us with your name, designation, and area of expertise.

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Tell Us How Digital Sovereignty Affects You or Your Work

Is digital sovereignty happening where you are? How do you think it will affect the Internet in your country? Send us your thoughts.

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Point Us to the Right Resources

Have you read a study or article about digital sovereignty lately? Share it with us.