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Highlights from ISOC Africa – April 2019


Building Trust (IoT)

Internet Society’s African chapters join AU and other partners to discuss IoT Security, Privacy, and Digital ID in Africa

In collaboration with the Africa Union Commission (AUC), the Africa Telecommunication Union (ATU) and Omidyar Network, the African Regional Bureau (ARB) successfully gathered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 8-11 April 2019, 103 participants, comprising of 30 fellows from 26 Internet Society African chapters, African Regional Economic bodies, privacy experts, regulators and data protection agencies to a 2-day workshop on IoT Security, Privacy and Digital ID followed by the 2019 African Chapters Advocacy Meeting.  The Chapters advocacy meeting, which  also run over the course of 2 days gave participants the opportunity to discuss Consolidation on Internet Economy, Encryption, Internet Shutdowns and what African Chapters can do. During this meeting, the participants also discussed ISOC’s 2025 strategy and provided inputs and feedback.

Improving Technical Security and Promoting IXPs

OSIANE Conference in Brazzaville

The ARB participated in the 3rd OSIANE conference in Brazzaville, Congo and made a presentation during the Infrastructure security panel where it highlighted the importance of Routing Security (MANRS) and IoT Security. In addition, the Bureau partnered with France-IX to deliver a workshop that focused on policies and regulation that promote national and cross-border interconnection. The capitals of Congo and DRC are separated by River Congo (less than 4Kms wide) but have no cross-border interconnection. As a result, Internet traffic between the two countries trombones via Europe. 

Building and strengthening our Community: Chapter’s Update

ISOC Namibia Chapter :participated from  3-4 April 2019 in the #NamibiaSafetySecurityExpo at Windhoek show grounds to promote the Chapter’s work on Online Safety.

ISOC Senegal Chapter: partnered with ISOC women SIG to celebrate the 2019 International Girls in ICT Day by organizing a training and awareness sessions on “Digital security and privacy protection” for young girls.  As a result, 200 girls from 3 main high schools in Dakar were equipped with information and skills to be safe on the Internet.

ISOC Mali Chapter: published on 24 April 2019, a national report on the state and future of Internet development in Mali. This report is a result of a small chapter project funded by the Internet Society Beyond the Net funding program.

ISOC Ghana Chapter: joined on 25 April 2019, the global community to celebrate the International Girls in ICT Day by organizing an awareness workshop on “Security and Digital Privacy.” The main goal of this workshop was to educate and empower girls to be safe online. The chapter also took the opportunity to launch an education campaign to fight “Sextortion”  on Ghana’s internet space, especially on social media.

ARB strategic planning meeting

The ARB held a strategic planning meeting on April 12 2019, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The meeting was an occasion for the staff to review the Internet Society’s 2025 strategy from the African perspective.

ARB and Facebook meet to discuss disinformation on social media

On April 11 2019, the ARB met with Sherry B. Dzinoreva, Facebook Africa Policy Programs Lead and her team. The main topic of discussion was disinformation on social media. 

ARB invited to contribute to Connect-world  magazines

The Connect-World series of magazines is a forum where the highest-level decision makers in the telecommunications and information technology sectors express their opinions about the impact that information and communication technologies have upon regional development.   Upon the invitation received, the ARB will be contributing an article on Community Networks in Africa. This will be ARB’s 2nd publication after the article on AfPIF: Boosting Africa’s technology growth which was published in 2016.

Upcoming Events

May 20-24: BurundiX, Peering Roadshow and Technical Training, Bujumbura, Burundi 

May 14-17: Smart Africa, Kigali, Rwanda 

June 10 to 11: Innovation Africa Digital Summit, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

June 24-25: 2nd multistakeholder workshop on the development of the National IoT Security Framework, Dakar, Senegal

In the News

AFRINIC Board of Directors Announces Departure of AFRINIC CEO  

The Internet Society’s African Chapters join the AU and other Partners to Discuss IoT Security, Privacy, and Digital ID in Africa

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