Newsletters 28 May 2018

LAC Newsletter – May 2018 Edition

Here is May's summary of What's Happening in LAC:

The Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Internet Society with LAC-IX and LACNIC establishes a reference framework for cooperation mechanisms between the stakeholders. We plan to support capacity building events, disseminate common initiatives and projects, and promote good routing practices at traffic exchange points throughout the region.

What We’re Interested In

The Internet Society signed a Memorandum with LAC-IX and LACNIC.

The Internet Society signed a Memorandum with LAC-IX and LACNIC. We continue to support the growth of our activities in LAC! The Internet Society signed a Memorandum of Understanding with LAC-IX and LACNIC to create and strengthen Internet exchange points (IXP) for an open and secure Internet:

We need everyone’s voice to speak on behalf of an Internet that empowers us!

Using the Internet to control or manipulate what we say and do can not only violate human rights but also frustrate the promise of the Internet in terms of education, development and a better future for all. This is part of the statement of the Internet Society and Access Now. You can read it here:

Raúl Echeberría was part of the G20 Consumers

Raúl Echeberría was present at the G20 Consumers Summit in Buenos Aires, talking about consumer protection and responsibilities in IoT. He stressed the importance of maintaining respect for privacy, taking into account the device, the service we received and the volume of information that is generated. We invite you to read more about his participation:

Global Editathon! A great action to give more visibility to women in ICT

Within the framework of the International Day of Girls in ICT, the 1st Global Editathon Girls in ICT organized by the Women’s Special Interest Group of the Internet Society, with the support of Chapters and organizations around the world, aimed to create content written by and about women, mainly to make visible their work in technology. Learn more about this action, in this article by Angie Contreras, from Sig Women:

For the Internet Day, the SIG Women asked: what do women want for the Internet?

In order to include active participation, the Women’s Special Interest Group asked women to answer to the slogan and strengthen the goal of providing opportunities and bridging gaps. Angie Contreras tells more about the initiative in this article:

LAC Chapters in Action!

The Intelligent Communities Project of Honduras continues to advance!

Danelia Avendaño of Chapter Honduras reports on the progress of the project that is in the empowerment stage of the community, to strengthen the capacities of the inhabitants in different Internet-related topics. We invite you to read the article and learn more:

LACNIC29 was a great event in Panama!

The event was attended by more than 600 people from 34 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and North America. The ISOC LAC community was able to meet and share a great moment:

A month with multiple activities!

During this month, our Chapters carried out different activities, with almost a record number. These were some of the events, where they adressed different themes:

  • Webinar on Digital and Gender Gap, by the Dominican Republic Chapter.
  • Webinar on Open Government and ICT: working for a multi-stakeholder model, by Chapter Ecuador.
  • Webinar preparatory for national IGF, by Costa Rica Chapter.
  • Webinar on GDPR and data protection in LAC, by the Cybersecurity SIG.
  • Deployment of IPv6 in Latin America and the Caribbean, by Chapter Haiti.
  • “2nd National Telecommunications Conference” ( Panel: “Convergence of media towards virtual platforms and OTT” , by Uruguay Chapter.
  • Finalization of the preparatory program for the Chapter workshop. The fellows delivered their Campaign plans for 2018.
Internet Day, by our Chapters

Following with active participation, during the Internet Day and in subsequent days, our Chapters carried out different activities such as conferences, workshops, webinars, which gave participation to the whole community, giving the region a great virtual party in different places.

  • Panamá Chapter: Conference-workshop “Hacking Artificial Intelligence”:
  • Perú Chapter: Conference at the Faculty of Law, with Raquel Gatto and Elaine Ford as speakers:
  • Dominican Republic Chapter: event open to the community, about Internet Governance topics:
  • Argentina Chapter: Webinar “Internet and Production: towards convergence in agriculture” about Internet, Agriculture and Production.
  • Uruguay Chapter: “Internet Ecosystem” with the participation of Raúl Echeberría and Sebastián Bellagamba.
  • El Salvador Chapter: International Congress with participation of Nancy Quirós addressing issues on the multi-stakeholder model.
  • Guatemala Chapter: Conference open to the community
  • Mexico Chapter: Papirolas Festival, about digital inclusion for children and young people.
The great challenges of today: maintaining a free Internet and reducing the digital divide

This is stated in an interview with Alfredo Astudillo, member of the Board of ISOC-Peru. He gave the interview for the Internet Day. Read it complete here:

Shernon Osepa was part of the Caribbean IGF in Suriname

In the regional multi-stakeholder forum initiated by the CTU and the Caribbean Community Secretariat (CARICOM), the participants worked to coordinate a regional approach to Internet governance, initially focusing on the proceedings of the World Summit on the Society of the Information (CMSI).

You can see the Webinars from this month

During the month of May different webinars were held, to share and discuss themes that contribute to the growth of the region in topics such as community networks, multistakeholder model, among others. You can access the videos of the workshops: Open house, Community Networks and Multistakeholder Model, entering our YouTube channel:

Upcoming Events

6th Latin American Telecommunications Congress – From June 11 to 15 in Varadero, Cuba

The Digital Economy in Latin America and public policies for innovation and competition in the era of convergence will be some of the major topics on the CLT 2018 agenda. Learn more about the event’s activities:

CarPIF – Caribbean Peering & Interconnection Forum – June 13 and 14 in Belize

An annual event where the challenges and opportunities of the Caribbean for interconnection in the region will be addressed. More information:

ICANN62 – From June 25 to 28 in Panamá

This four-day meeting focuses on the current work of policy development, scope and daily opportunities to establish contact with the community. All event information here:

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