Newsletters 30 July 2018

LAC Newsletter – July 2018 Edition

Here is July's summary of What's Happening in LAC:

Half of the world’s population still does not have access to the Internet. In this context, Andrew Sullivan will assume in September as the new president of the Internet Society, and from his position will seek to reduce the opportunities gap between those who are connected and those who still remain disconnected.

What We’re Interested In

We welcome Andrew Sullivan: new president and CEO since September!

Sullivan was elected as the new CEO of the Internet Society and will assume leadership as of September. The new CEO already has experience in Internet issues, as he has worked to improve the value of the open and global red platform throughout his career. We invite you to read more about him in this link:

We need more girls in ICT

The Internet Society signed an agreement with the Government of Mexico to promote greater access for girls to ICT, broadening the professional horizon of Mexican women. Internet Society seeks to overcome barriers and close the digital gender gap! Click on the link and find out more:

Internet to allow sustainable development

ISOC was part of the event “ICT enabling transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies” that was held in New York as part of the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF).

Shuli Hallak, Executive Director of the New York Chapter, represented us on a panel in which she spoke about Chapterthon 2017 as the winner of the WSIS 2018 Award.

The presentation focused on demonstrating the potential of the Internet to improve the lives of people by advancing sustainable development priorities in three key areas: gender, education and the future of work, but without losing our core: access to the Internet.

The call for moderators of the online course “Building community wireless networks” has ended.

Internet Society invited the community to participate, to summon those who wish to be moderators of the online course which covers topics essential for effective planning, implementation and operational support of the community’s wireless networks.

Lacnic organized the webinar “The routing system is at risk.Let’s protect it together!”

On July 16, the webinar was carried out by Andrei Robachevsky, who presented detailed statistics on what is happening in the global routing system and described ways to take advantage of the MANRS safety baseline and demonstrate commitment to the security and the sustainability of the Internet. You can watch the video here:

Talk about Infrastructure and Digital Agenda in Bolivia

On July 2, a talk was held in which specialists developed topics answering questions such as: what are the basic aspects necessary to achieve the technological development of Bolivia? What is the role of architecture to develop our future? What is the digital agenda and what is its importance for the citizen? What should be included or proposed? In this way they pointed to the need for Bolivia to be prepared to face the challenges of hyper-connectivity and industry 4.0.

“A cyber-secure future” webinar

The lecturer Dr. Pablo G. Molina carried out the online workshop organized by the Cybersecurity SIG, which was moderated by Dr. Karina Medinaceli. More details here:

Watch the webinar here:

LAC Chapters in Action!

A new Board of Directors for the Honduras Chapter

As part of the Honduran Chapter election process, a new Board of Directors was formed, whose new members are: José Luis Reyes (Presidency), Eduardo Tomé (Vice President), Fulvia Martínez (Secretary), Fabiana Pineda (Treasury), Jaime Cabus ( Vocal 1), Erik Vega (Vocal 2). Welcome to our ISOC LAC community!

ISOC Panamá wants to train social communicators on the Internet

Through a Lito Ibarra conference on the Knowledge Society in Central America, the Panama Chapter inaugurated a training program for social communicators on topics related to the Internet. Read more here:

The Uruguay Chapter signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Simón Bolívar University (USB) of Peru.

With this agreement, the bases of cooperation for an exchange of knowledge and experiences are established. ISOC Uruguay will contribute with talks, conferences and workshops as well as study material to complement the USB curriculum, and distance learning and tutorials from the University will also be supported. Learn more here:

In addition, we invite you to see the interview that Simón Bolívar University held with Mauro Ríos, Secretary General of Internet Society Uruguay Chapter:

Paraguay Chapter encourages good use of the Internet for young people

In order to support the development of young people through the use of the Internet, ISOC Paraguay distributed computer equipment, security cameras, printers and other laboratory elements to a technical school.

Learn more in this video:

Raising awareness about digital violence against women

The Barbados Chapter, supported by the Beyond the Net Funding Program, seeks to promote and ensure awareness of online abuse in their community through the project C.A.R.E – Combating (online) Abuse through Research and Education. We invite you to read the note to know more about this initiative:

ISOC Costa Rica prepares for the IGF with a workshop

With the workshop “Internet Governance and Multi-Stakeholder Model”, the Costa Rica Chapter held its third preparatory workshop for the national IGF.

In addition, ISOC Costa Rica held the “ISOC IPv6 Tour” workshop at the Cenfotec University on July 21.

The first book on Internet Governance in the region arrives!

In commemoration of the ten years of the South School on Internet Governance, CCAT LAT and SSIG in collaboration with LACNIC, ISOC and FGV publish the book “Internet Governance and Regulation in Latin America”, which features previews by Vint Cerf and by Raúl Echeberría. Learn more about the launch here:

Shernon Osepa was present at the Global Infrastructure Forum in the Dominican Republic

Shernon Osepa attended and participated in one of the panels of the Global Resilient Infrastructure Forum in Punta Cana, which took place between June 26 and 28.

ISOC Guatemala at the National Meeting of Digital Activists of Indigenous Languages

The Guatemala Chapter was part of the meeting that took place between July 20 and 22, where topics such as digital divide, indigenous languages on the Internet and digital content were discussed.

A rural community in Guyana, increasingly closer to a community network

The Guyana Chapter visited a rural community, making a trip of more than an hour in 3 small planes, to talk about the importance and the opportunities that community networks can offer there, where there are great challenges regarding the Internet and also with electricity. Congratulations ISOC Guyana, getting closer and closer to connecting the disconnected!

The webinars of ISOC Peru to begin soon

The Peru Chapter will hold virtual meetings for the community, in order to inform and share topics related to the Internet and the digital ecosystem, and thus make the participation of more people easier through the network. Find out more here:

Internet Society Venezuela expresses concern about the deterioration of online freedom in Venezuela

Faced with the latest arbitrary Internet blockades, the Venezuela Chapter urges the restoration of free and open access to the network, respecting internationally recognized human rights.

We invite you to learn more about this situation:

Internet Society Barbados held its IGF!

The Chapter held the event in order to provide Barbadians with a platform to discuss how they use the Internet and the problems that affect them. In addition, they seek to educate citizens about the various processes in which they can be involved to develop their knowledge and make valuable contributions to Internet governance. Learn more here:

Watch the video:

Upcoming Events

CITEL – CCP.I – from August 20 to 24 in Washington, United States

The PCC.I meeting will address issues such as the multi-stakeholder model as well as the future of Internet governance and also the empowerment of women and girls in ICT. More information about the event in:

IGF Haití – September 13 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The event, which will be the first IGF Haiti, will have as its main theme: “Connecting the disconnected and building the digital future in Haiti”

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