Newsletters 9 May 2018

LAC Newsletter – April 2018 Edition

The Internet Society is deeply committed to an Internet trusted by its users. In a connected world, everyone is affected by the actions of others. That’s why we believe that companies should do better.

What We’re Interested In

Companies must keep our data safe!

From the Internet Society, we defend an Internet in which users trust. Incidents such as the revelations of Facebook / Cambridge Analytica have serious consequences and contribute to a general climate of diminishing confidence on the Internet. We must demand higher standards of transparency and ethics regarding our information:

Anyone who collects or uses information must be held accountable to its users!

In the face of the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica conflict, the Internet Society set out some conditions that any user should expect when sharing their personal data. Help us build the new rules of the game:

Internet health, according to Mozilla

The main challenges the Internet is facing include a collapse of privacy protections, the incessant propagation of fake news and the consolidation of power in giant technology companies, according to Mozilla:

Learn the details of the report here:

The multistakeholder model in Canada: towards an improvement in IoT security

On April 4, more than 80 people met in Ottawa, face-to-face and also through livestream, to discuss IoT security. All the stakeholders participated to develop solutions and there was a great multisector representation. Learn more about the event:

LAC Chapters in Action!

Native communities continue to live on their land and with more access to the Internet, thanks to the project led by ISOC Honduras

“Intelligent Communities” is a project that aims to establish a community network with free Wi-Fi and connect 300 families with the rest of the world. We continue connecting the disconnected!

Strengthening education in Bolivia through the innovative use of networks is possible!

The Bolivian Academic Network project, led by the Internet Society Bolivia Chapter and supported by the Beyond the Net Funding Program, seeks to lay the foundations that will strengthen the development of research and education in Bolivia through the innovative use of advanced networks, benefiting more than 500,000 people in the academic field:

Protecting our networks, one of the topics of CaribNOG

Shernon Osepa attended the CaribNOG in Miami, participating in the panel about how we can protect our resources and networks in case of natural disasters. He also spoke about concrete plans that ISOC has in this regard, which we will announce very soon.

Promoting information security is on the agenda in Argentina!

On April 12, the First Citizen Cybersecurity Conference was held, in which more than 400 people participated. Several topics were addressed by professionals in each of them, such as cybercrime, social engineering, privacy of personal data, different forms of harassment and online harassment, IoT technology and digital life.

The Quechua language is reborn through digitization with the ISOC Peru project

The project called Siminchikkunarayku, carried out by the Peru Chapter and the Beyond the Net Program, seeks to build the linguistic corpus of the southern Quechua language by collecting and digitizing 10,000 hours of speeches. Find out about the details of this action:

ISOC Mexico participated actively in the Meeting on Sustainability of Community and Indigenous Social Networks and Means

Organized by the Federal Institute of Telecommunications, the regulatory body in Mexico, the event took place on April 15 and 16. It counted with the presence of several members of the Mexican Chapter and of Jane Coffin as special guest. A brief summary:

Conference on the Internet ecosystem by ISOC Panama

The Panama Chapter participated in the 43rd anniversary of the Computer System Engineering Faculty of the Technological University, an institution that saw the birth of the Internet in the country. The president of the Chapter, Edna Samudio de Jaén, developed the topic about the Internet ecosystem and how it is represented in Panama. We invite you to read the article to learn more about the event:

ISOC Perú, present at the VIII Summit of the Americas

The Peru Chapter participated in the High Level Forum “Democracy, Transparency and Internet in the Americas”, organized by Democracy & International Development (D&D International), under the Digital Democracy Program, under the auspices of Google, Konrad Adenauer Foundation and RedLad. You can read more about the event here! gl/zpe9hR


FRIDA Program

There’s a new call for the FRIDA Program, the initiative that rewards innovation in the region and helps finance technological projects. This year, the themes focus on community networks and gender equity in technology. Apply here:

The scholarship application period for the LACIGF began

According to the schedule of the Program Committee, the selection process began on April 25 and runs through May 18. More information here:

Upcoming Events

The LACIGF 11 already has headquarters!

The 11th Regional Preparatory Meeting for the IGF will be held in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, from July 31 to August 2. More information here:

Internet Day – May 16 and 17

The Argentina Internet Chamber organizes an event that brings together the entire Internet industry to address issues such as policies, regulations, cybersecurity, IoT and much more:

CITEL CCP1 in Lima, Peru – From May 21 to 25

The telecommunications and ICTs event takes place in Peru and you can get accredited by entering here:

May Webinars

During the month of May different webinars will be carried out, with the aim of sharing the activities of the Chapters, programs for the community and focuses of the year. The list is as follows:

Open House LAC, by Nancy Quirós
Topic: General ISOC topics and focus 2018
Spanish Session: May 9, 18 UTC
English Session: May 9, 20 UTC

Community Networks, by Sebastián Bellagamba
Spanish Session: May 16, 18 UTC
English Session: May 16, 20 UTC

The importance of the Multi-Stakeholder Model, by Raquel Gatto
Spanish Session: May 18, 16 UTC
English Session: May 18, 18 UTC

Internet of Things and Security, by Shernon Osepa
Spanish Session: May 28, 16 UTC
English Session: May 28, 18 UTC

Mutually Agreed Standards for Routing Security (MANRS), by Christian O’Flaherty
Spanish Session: May 30, 16 UTC
English Session: May 30, 18 UTC

To register, enter here:

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