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Improving Technical Security 12 November 2012

Some Perspectives on Cybersecurity 2012

Author: Karen O’Donoghue
This paper is intended to help anyone concerned about the healthy evolution of the Internet with an introduction to an important topic. Cybersecurity is widely debated by users, by researchers and engineers, and by network operators, all interested in making the Internet a safer place. It is the subject of discussion and negotiation by governments, the private sector and others in a range of international organizations. It is the subject of conferences, symposiums and action plans. But do all of these parties mean the same thing when they talk about cybersecurity?
The Internet Society believes that it is important to share an understanding of where the vulnerabilities lie — with end-user devices, including the cloud; with the Internet infrastructure; and with the underlying telecoms networks. It is also essential to know how solutions may be reached in the Internet environment. Consensus approaches and international cooperation to address the problem will instill confidence and help the global community to address the many challenges involved in improving cybersecurity.
This paper is intended to help with understanding the way forward. Solutions to cybersecurity problems must also further the goal all Internet users have to continue to support an open, accessible, and trustworthy Internet. The openness of the Internet is one of its key strengths, making it a major worldwide source of creativity, innovation, and growth. Successful solutions to cybersecurity problems will grow from multi-stakeholder cooperation and collaboration, not new command-and-control systems.
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