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Expectations for IGF Ambassadors

This program has ended. Starting from 2019, the Internet Society will combine the IGF Ambassadors program and [email protected] program into a single program called IGF Youth Ambassadors

In order to get the most out of the IGF experience and to help the Internet Society achieve the goals of the programme, Ambassadors are expected to perform the following duties:

Before the Forum

Prepare, with the aid of mentors, in advance of the IGF meeting:

Each First-Time Ambassador is paired with a “mentor;” an experienced IGF participant, Internet Society (ISOC) staff member or Returning Ambassador who is familiar with the themes, issues and discussions related to Internet governance.

In advance of the meeting, the mentor will help the Ambassador prepare by recommending IGF materials that will help the individual get the most out of their attendance and will be available to answer questions via e-mail.

At the meeting, the mentor will help introduce the Ambassador to other participants, answer questions about the meeting schedule, and serve as a general “point of contact” for the Ambassador.

Complete the prerequisite online learning modules:

Selected First-Time Ambassadors will be expected to complete a 3-4 online learning modules from the Internet Society course “Shaping the Internet: History and Futures”. These course modules will help to prepare these individuals for the IGF with information on key topics such as Introduction to Internet Governance, Internet Policy Principles, Internet Actors and Stakeholder Groups, and other relevant areas.

Assist with administrative aspects of the programme:

If you are selected as an Ambassador, we will send you an e-mail outlining the steps that need to be taken in order to get you to the meeting. You will be responsible for:

  • Applying for and obtaining a visa to enter the country where the meeting is to take place, as well as transit visa(s), if necessary.
  • Making sure that your passport expires no earlier than six months and one day after the last day of the IGF meeting.
  • Suggesting appropriate flights to get you to and from the meeting.

Please also note that the Ambassadorship only supports travel itineraries that get Ambassadors to and from the meeting on dates reasonably close to the actual meeting. Ambassadors should not plan on incorporating extra time for personal or business trips into their travel.

We ask that you respond promptly to our e-mails. It is also very important that you let us know as soon as possible if for any reason you think that you won’t be able to attend the IGF meeting.

Participate in the planning and preparatory activities for the IGF meeting:

The Internet Society (ISOC) is very involved in the IGF; both with preparatory activities as well as a number of events during the meeting itself. If you are selected as an Ambassador, you will be expected to participate in the planning and preparatory activities. These activities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Supporting the planning of IGF workshops that are being organized by ISOC staff.
  • Conducting audio and/or video interviews.
  • Attending conference calls related to ISOC or ISOC partner events.

During the Forum

  • Participate broadly in the IGF meeting agenda.
  • Attend daily status and planning meetings.
  • Contribute to the Internet Society IGF Ambassadors’ blog.
  • Represent the Internet Society by helping to staff the Internet Society booth at the venue.
  • Attend and provide support or ISOC staff and ISOC partner workshops.

Please note that Ambassadors are not expected to be involved in other commitments or engaged with other organizations while attending the IGF meeting. ISOC generally organizes a busy schedule for Ambassadors, and as such they will be expected to fulfill all the assigned duties or responsibilities.

After the Forum

Share the experience and knowledge gained at the IGF with their local communities when they return home (including a written report on the activities):

An important part of the programme is for Ambassadors to share the knowledge they gained at the IGF with others in their local area or region and to continue in their local policy discussions. This can be done, for example, by making a presentation at a relevant professional, academic, or technical meeting, speaking at an association meeting or local Internet Society chapter event, writing an article for a relevant local publication, and so on. Reporting guidelines and examples will be provided to each Ambassador at the time of award announcement.

In the past, successful applicants to the Ambassadorship have provided clear plans for this Post-IGF Project of the Ambassadorship, including deadlines and dates (if applicable). We ask that you provide verification of your IGF information-sharing activities within two months of attending the meeting. An Internet Society staff member will follow up with each Ambassador prior to the two month deadline to answer questions and encourage community engagement. Please note that Post-IGF reports will be posted on the Internet Society website to highlight Ambassadors’ achievements. This is operated under an “opt-out” Policy, so please let us know if this is not something you support.

Ambassadors are also expected to engage with their local Internet governance events/dialogues or serve as a catalyst for starting the process in their countries or regions.

Participate in the NGL programme participant network:

All IGF Ambassadors will be added to a mailing list to extend their IGF experience and relationship building opportunities after the meeting. The mailing list includes all past IGF Ambassadors, as well as participants from other NGL programme components. This network will also help you stay up to date with training opportunities and other events organized by the Internet Society. We will also list your name, affiliation, position, and country on our Internet Society Ambassadors Alumni page (though you are welcome to opt out if you wish).

Completion of a follow-up survey on your experience as an Internet Society Ambassador to the IGF:

This is in order to help us improve the programme. The link will be sent to participants at the end of the Forum, and should be completed within two weeks.

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