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Pre-2016 Press Releases 21 October 2014

Leading Internet Technical Journal Launches New Edition

The Internet Protocol Journal (IPJ), a free quarterly technical publication covering all aspects of Internet technology from 1998 to 2013, is re-launching this month with support from dozens of organizations and supporters around the world.
Rather than promoting specific products or services, the IPJ serves as an informational and educational resource for engineering professionals involved in the design, development, and operation of public and private internets and intranets. The journal includes feature-length articles, technical updates, book reviews, announcements, and opinion columns from a broad range of thought leaders, leading-edge industry practitioners, and academic researchers.
“I’m thrilled to begin this new chapter in the story of the Internet Protocol Journal with the support of people and organizations that have been leaders in the development and evolution of the global Internet,” said Ole Jacobsen, Editor and Publisher of IPJ. “Now more than ever, as Internet technology reaches billions of previously unconnected people and devices, it is important to provide a trusted source of information about important and emerging networking technologies.”
The first article in the latest edition is by William Stallings, providing an overview of Gigabit Wi-Fi, also known as IEEE 802.11ac, which promises transmission speeds of up to 3.2 Gbps to meet the increasing demand for more bandwidth in wireless networks. The edition’s second article by Geoff Huston describes several Denial-of-Service attacks that were launched using the Domain Name System (DNS) as the attack vector and discusses details of DNS protocol interactions.
“Ole Jacobsen and the Internet Protocol Journal have been a fixture for many years in the Internet world and it is a huge benefit to the community to have them back once more operating under the Internet Society imprimatur,” said Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist at Google, Inc.
“Under Ole Jacobsen’s continued guidance, the Internet Protocol Journal has been a consistent source of high quality scholarship combined with equally high quality writing.  IPJ is an outstanding service to the technical Internet community,” said Steve Crocker, Chairman of ICANN.
“We all have a stake in how the Internet evolves, so I am delighted to see multiple individuals and institutions all step forward together to enable IPJ’s technical insight to be shared with even more people … everywhere!,” said Pindar Wong, Chairman and President of Verify Limited, Hong Kong.
The re-launch of IPJ is made possible by special support and consideration from the Internet Society and Cisco Systems. Additional sponsorship for IPJ is provided by: Afilias; Asia Pacific Internet Association (APIA); Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC); Cisco Systems; Dyn; Google, Inc.; the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN); Juniper Networks; Limelight Networks; Netnod; Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC); Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC); Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland (SIDN); Team Cymru; Verisign Labs; Widely Integrated Distributed Environment (WIDE); 21Vianet Group; Steve Corbató; Dave Crocker; Jay Etchings; Dennis Jennings; Jim Johnston; Bobby Krupczak; Bill Manning; Mike O’Connor; Tim Pozar; George Sadowsky; Helge Skrivervik; Rob Thomas; Tom Vest; and Rick Wesson.
Subscriptions to IPJ are free. You can subscribe to IPJ in hardcopy or electronic format by completing the subscription form at:
If you are interested in sponsoring IPJ, please contact [email protected]
More information about IPJ can be found at: http://protocoljournal.org
Media Contact
Wende Cover
Internet Society
[email protected]
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