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2024 Fellows

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Abdou Mfopa Pountougnigni  (Cameroon)

As the President of Internet Society Cameroon Chapter and the Chief Technical Officer at ICCSOFT SA, I devote my expertise to enhancing Cameroon’s digital landscape and fostering growth in Internet access, cybersecurity, and Internet governance. My role is to drive innovative projects and contribute to the nation’s digital infrastructure development while also ensuring that ICCSOFT SA’s software solutions meet diverse industry needs with excellence.
With 17 years of experience in leadership roles across notable ICT firms and co-founding CamOne Sarl, my journey reflects a commitment to propelling ICT in Africa forward. I hold a Master’s degree in International Business Administration and SMEs and actively participate in shaping Africa’s ICT ecosystem through advocacy, thought leadership, and community engagement. Beyond professional pursuits, my passion for technology’s potential to transform society and my deep connection to Cameroon’s cultural heritage define my holistic approach to personal and professional life.

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Alex Wen Jie Lew (South Africa)

As a dedicated professional in the field of Internet policy and digital development, Alex has garnered a decade of experience working with the Internet Policy Foundation South Africa (IPFSA). He holds the position of Secretariat at IPFSA, where he has been instrumental in shaping online safety and digital payment policies in the Southern African region.
Alex’s professional journey includes leading the development of Online Safety White Papers in collaboration with member organizations, engaging with regulators and officials from the South African Reserve Bank on digital payment issues, and staying updated on policy changes related to digital payments and data privacy. His expertise extends to risk assessment within the region, providing guidance on encryption and authoring numerous articles and blog posts on tech policy issues in Southern Africa. Additionally, Alex has created weekly digital newsletters covering a wide array of topics, including payments, tech policy, and developments in the digital economy.

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Bocar Kane (Senegal)

I am the founder and Manager of HubSIX, a new Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Senegal scheduled to be operational by the end of 2024. My ambition and goal are to help develop local Internet content in my country and Africa. After graduating in computer science at the University of Gaston Berger, Saint-Louis, Senegal, I furthered my studies with a Master’s in Networks and System Engineering at the University of Saint Quentin en Yvelines in France in 2003.

As a former peering manager at Bouygues Telecom (2010-2014) and former board member of FranceIX (2015-2017), I humbly wish to share my experience in peering policies and learn from others to raise awareness within the local community about the importance and benefits of IXP and peering. I split my time between my work at KAYLENE, the connectivity company I founded in 2015, and the engaging work of building HubSIX. This involves meeting with members of the Senegalese ecosystem to explain what peering is and the benefits they could gain from it.

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Chilufya Theresa Mulenga (Zambia)

My name is Chilufya Theresa Mulenga, and I am passionate about promoting gender equity in the tech industry. I am the founder of The ICT4Her Club, an organization that empowers young girls and women to overcome gender disparities in technology. In addition to this, I work as an information security analyst at Next Solutions Risk and Assurance Limited, where I am responsible for overseeing the organization’s computer networks and security systems.

Outside of my professional role, I am an active member of the Internet Society Zambia chapter and serve on the board of Lizu Community Network. My efforts are dedicated to bridging the digital divide and ensuring connectivity for underprivileged segments of society.

I am committed to advancing gender equality and digital inclusion in the tech landscape, and I also engage in activities that foster community engagement and growth when I’m not championing these causes.

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Daniel Abate (Ethiopia)

I am currently a lecturer at the Ethiopian Federal TVET Institute in the Department of Social Science. I specialize in courses that equip students with essential skills for social development and leadership. My focus is on topics that foster a deeper understanding of social dynamics and empower young minds to contribute effectively to society. In addition to my academic role, I run my own consultancy, which focuses on gender and youth empowerment. The aim is to create sustainable changes through strategic initiatives and targeted programs.

My academic journey began at Jimma University, where I held the position of lecturer, sharing knowledge and insights with a focus on social sciences. This role provided me with a robust foundation in academia, allowing me to shape the educational experiences of countless students. My transition to the Ethiopian Federal TVET Institute marked a continuation of my commitment to education and empowerment, while my consultancy work allowed me to apply my expertise more broadly in addressing critical societal issues.

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Isaac Danny Kargbo (Sierra Leone)

I am currently working with Metro Cable Africa, a company that specializes in providing Internet services and communication in Sierra Leone. I attended Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, where I acquired valuable knowledge and skills in the field of communication. I also pursued further education at Blue Crest College, where I completed my CCNA, which further enhanced my expertise in the communication industry. 
Throughout my career, I have achieved significant milestones in the communication field. Some of my notable accomplishments include Spearheading campaigns for various organizations and efficiently reaching and engaging target audiences, implementing innovative strategies to enhance communication channels and improve customer satisfaction, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to develop and execute comprehensive plans. 
Apart from my professional endeavors, I am passionate about project management. I thoroughly enjoy taking on new projects and utilizing my skills and expertise to bring them to fruition. This passion drives me to continuously seek opportunities for growth and development in the field. 

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Jediel Oloudé Onésime Adefoulou (Benin)

I’m a second- year Master’s student in computer security at the Institute for Training and Research in Computer Science at the University of Abomey-Calavi (IFRI-UAC). As an active member of the Internet Society Benin Chapter and Technical and Training Manager, I modestly contribute to making the Internet more accessible and secure for Beninese citizens by organizing training courses for members of our community.
I’m passionate about cybersecurity, research, and data analysis, and I’m involved in various projects in these fields. My goal is to use my skills to create a more secure and reliable digital environment.
Outside my studies and professional commitments, I enjoy exploring new technologies and participating in collaborative projects that stimulate my curiosity.

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Jesse Nathan Kalange (Uganda)

My name is Jesse Nathan Kalange, and I am a software entrepreneur and network engineer at Enzira Cyber Academy in Kampala, Uganda. My background lies in information technology and Computer Science. I proudly represent the Universal Acceptance (UA) working group and am an At-Large member of the African Regional At-Large Organization (AFRALO). My journey has also seen me embrace roles such as an Internet Society Youth Ambassador, Digital Grassroots Ambassador, an ICANN78 and ICANN80 fellow, recipient of the Paul Muchene Award, and a Fellow of the Friedrich Ebert SD5ung Young Leaders Program.
I’m an active participant in the youth movement within both the African and global Internet Governance Forums. Currently, I serve as Vice President of the Internet Society Uganda Chapter. Together with peers, I co-founded the Uganda Youth Internet Governance Forum. Leading this initiative, I aim to enhance meaningful youth engagement in Internet Governance and the roll-out of digital transformation projects.

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Koami Messan Zankou (Ghana)

I am the Chief Technical Officer for One4All Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the digital divide and fostering inclusive technological advancement. In addition to my role at One4All Alliance, I work as a Data Center Technician for Bui Power Authority, where I ensure smooth daily operations by monitoring power, cooling, and security.

My background lies in telecommunications, systems security, Internet governance, and cybersecurity. My work is guided by the values of integrity, innovation, and inclusivity. I strive to empower communities through digital inclusion and robust security practices.

Outside of work, I enjoy taking short online tutorials to keep my skills sharp and stay updated with the latest technological advancements. When I’m not immersed in tech, you can find me watching football matches, spending time with family and friends, engaging in community service, and indulging in my love for music and books.

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Lilian Chambiri (Tanzania)

I am a Tanzanian tech professional, set to transition into a Personal Data Protection Engineer role at TTCL, a Tanzanian public telecoms company. After six years as a Data Networks Engineer, I will manage and secure personally identifiable data collected and processed according to local, national, and international standards.
I am passionate about working with computer tech, specializing in networking, cyber security, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. I am interested in learning new skills and eager to stay updated in the fast-paced tech world. Outside of work, I find solace in starting my mornings at the beach, witnessing the beauty of the sunrise, embarking on adventures in nature, or exploring new destinations during holidays.

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Mariam Yacoub Mahamat  (Chad)

I have two Master’s degrees in telecommunications and networks from Ecole Supérieure de Technologies et Management (ESTM) in Dakar, Senegal. I currently work as a Data Product Manager at Moov Africa Chad, where I am responsible for managing the Mobile Internet Business.
I am passionate about ICT and committed to addressing social inequalities. As the Vice-President of the association Reindos Social and coordinator of the initiative Civic Tech POGACT, I advocate for good governance of the Internet and Open Data to contribute to the sustainable development of my country and Africa as a whole.

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Orly Muhondo (Burundi)

My name is Orly Muhondo, and I am from Burundi. I work as an IT administrator at the CNI (Centre National d’Informatique), which is responsible for managing the .bi ccTLD registry. I joined CNI in 20019, and my role involves configuring, updating, and maintaining our servers.
I studied computer science at Africa Nazarene University in Kenya and gained experience in different IT fields in my country. Working at CNI has allowed me to expand my knowledge of the Internet, and now I am committed to improving Internet access and safety in Burundi. I have participated in various Internet-related events, including the Africa Internet Summit 2023 (AIS’23) held in South Africa and the recent ICANN 80 Policy Forum in Kigali, which just concluded today.
Outside of work, I enjoy jogging for fitness, and I also make time for basketball, handball, and football whenever possible.

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Priscillia Uzoamaka Igba (Nigeria)

I am Priscillia Uzoamaka Igba, a dedicated IT professional from Nigeria with extensive experience in system and network administration. I have been the Principal System Administrator at the University of Josm since October 2019. My role involves managing and optimizing web server environments, ensuring seamless application deployment and system stability. 
Before my current position, I was a Senior Network Administrator at the same university, where I was responsible for network design, network configuration, and providing on-call support. In addition to my professional roles, I am also the Financial Secretary/Treasurer for the Internet Society Nigeria Chapter, where I manage financial matters and interact with banks to ensure smooth operations.

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Purity Musatila (Zambia)

As an Assistant Systems Engineer at Chambishi Copper Smelter Limited, I have showcased my technical skills and problem-solving abilities to ensure smooth IT operations. I am responsible for managing IT systems and implementing solutions that improve efficiency and reliability. My passion for IT motivates me to stay abreast of the latest technological advancements, enabling me to provide user support and innovative solutions. In addition to my professional accomplishments, I am deeply committed to empowering young girls in STEM. 
I actively participate in initiatives that inspire and mentor the next generation of female engineers, sharing my experiences and encouraging them to pursue their STEM aspirations. My goal is to establish a supportive community where young girls can thrive and succeed in STEM careers. Through my efforts, I aim to contribute to a more diverse and inclusive future in the tech industry.

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Samuel Macharia (Kenya)

I am a Systems Administrator at the National Research and Education Network of Kenya (KENET). In this role, I help research and educational institutions in managing their cloud infrastructure and campus networks. Additionally, I have trained over 80 ICT practitioners from various research and educational institutions across Kenya.
I hold a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Technical University of Mombasa. My professional interests include creating reliable and secure systems and promoting digital inclusivity through technical talks and training sessions.

Outside of my professional life, I often connect with nature or work out in a gym.

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