Global Internet and Jurisdiction Conference 2018

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The second Global Internet and Jurisdiction Conference of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network presents a unique opportunity to address one of the greatest global governance challenges of the 21st century: how national laws apply on the Internet.

When they convene in Ottawa, Canada, on February 26-28, 2018, key senior-level representatives from a wide range of stakeholder groups and countries will work toward the development of policy standards and operational solutions to preserve the cross-border nature of the Internet, protect human rights, fight abuses and enable the global digital economy.

After the first Conference in 2016 in Paris, Contact Groups on Data & Jurisdiction, Content & Jurisdiction, and Domains & Jurisdiction were formed to advance the work ahead of the 2018 Global Internet and Jurisdiction Conference. They started their respective work in April 2017 with the goal to map and identify concrete Policy Options for the Areas of Cooperation identified at the Paris Conference.

These Policy Options will be tabled as input documents at the Conference, which is organized in Ottawa by the I&J Secretariat in partnership with the Government of Canada, and institutionally supported by the OECD, UNESCO, the Council of Europe, the European Commission, and ICANN.

The second Conference will be a critical moment to build on the results of this work and decide on concrete focus, priorities, as well as a clear methodology and roadmap to develop in the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network policy standards and operational solutions for submission at the third Global Internet and Jurisdiction Conference in Berlin in 2019, which after France (2016) and Canada (2018), will be organized in partnership with Germany.

Time has come to accelerate the collective effort to address growing jurisdictional tensions on the internet through joint action.

Read Kathy Brown’s complete remarks at the Global Internet & Jurisdiction Conference’s opening session and watch the livestreams from the event.

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Date and Time

Monday 26 February 2018 –

Wednesday 28 February 2018